Kickin’ Up


Various Artists
“Kickin’ Up”
1992 Epic (UK)
EPC 472171 2

01 Betty Boo – Doin’ The Do
02 Betty Boo – Where Are You Baby?
03 Betty Boo – Boo Megamix
04 Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis
05 Bomb The Bass – Don’t Make Me Wait
06 Bomb The Bass – Winter In July
07 The Beatmasters – Rok Da House
08 The Beatmasters – Burn It Up
09 The Beatmasters – Dunno What It Is [About You]
10 Congress – 40 Miles
11 S’Express – Theme From S’Express
12 S’Express – Find ‘Em Fool ‘Em Forget ‘Em
13 S’Express – Nervous Motion
14 Moby – Go
15 Joi – Spiritual Get-Together
16 Baby Ford – Change
17 Baby Ford – Oochy Koochy
18 Baby Ford – In Your Blood
19 Sheep On Drugs – Motorbike

Given Rhythm King’s commercial success in the late-1980s, Epic acquired the imprint from parent label Mute Records in 1991. To cash in on its new property’s back catalog, Epic issued “Kickin’ Up”, a hits collection focused on Rhythm King’s former core artists.

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  1. Thank you so much for this and all the Rhythm King this week, Shelf!

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