[I Wanna Give You] Devotion


“[I Wanna Give You] Devotion”
1991 Capitol Records (US)

01 [I Wanna Give You] Devotion (7″ Mix)
02 [I Wanna Give You] Devotion (Original Mix)
03 [I Wanna Give You] Devotion (Instrumental)
04 [I Wanna Give You] Devotion (Soul Mix)
05 [I Wanna Give You] Devotion (The Joey Negro Mix)
06 [I Wanna Give You] Devotion (Rock Shock Mix)
07 [I Wanna Give You] Devotion (Trouble’s Club Mix)
08 [I Wanna Give You] Devotion (Trouble’s Underground Club Mix)

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  1. (I Wanna Give You) Thanks!

  2. “Bring it down bring it down bring it down Mikee”. By which I mean: tune!

  3. lol he was in my class at school!

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