Looking At You


“Looking At You”
1996 Columbia Records (US)
44K 78249

01 Looking At You (Jimmy Gomez Radio Edit) | 03:35
02 Looking At You (Mendelsohn Edit) | 03:39
03 Looking At You (Jimmy Gomez Club Mix) | 10:38
04  Looking At You (Jimmy Gomez 6AM Dub) | 09:40
05 Looking At You (Corvette Mix) | 7:52
06 When (K-Klassix Mix) | 7:59

Sunscreem’s “Looking At You” was a US exclusive single in 1996 (the UK received a promo 12″); however, it was reissued two years later by Bonzai in some EU countries. The track was remixed by Jimmy Gomez (James Wiltshire) and Joe T. Vannelli; also included is the K-Klass remix of earlier single, “When.”

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  1. Love this single! Sunscreem sure had some great songs/singles. It’s sad they are mostly known only for “Love U More.” Nightclubs were the only place I would hear anything by Sunscreem. This Jimmy Gomez Club Mix was a floor filler…it was huge! The K-Klassix Mix of “When” brings back some great memories as well! Thanks for the post, Shelf! I think this is the only Sunscreem single I still had to replace.

    • I had “When” back in the day, but I somehow missed this single 20 years ago – heard the Gomez Club Mix for the first time a couple of weeks ago and immediately found a copy. Sunscreem’s first album and related singles are all great, but I didn’t really keep up with the group after that – clearly I missed out.

  2. thomas stoodley

    The K-Klass dub mix of When I have spun on many occasions, only to have DJs run up and ask what is this….. its a great mix.

    There where several mixes of Who Will Love Me Now made for the US market on OOH!Boy music label. Sal Dano vocal & Dub, Julien Marsh mixes and of course the Jimmy Gomez 14 min was to be included.

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