Keep The Promise (CA Promo)


“Keep The Promise” (CA Promo)
1992 Polydor Records (CA)
PCD 298

01 Keep The Promise (Fantasy 12″)
02 Keep The Promise (Reality 12″)
03 Keep The Promise (12″ Hip Hop Mix)
04 Keep The Promise (MK Mix)
05 Keep The Promise (Deep Dub Mix)
06 Keep The Promise (Album Version)

German drummer Jens Müller fancied himself a rapper in the early-1990s (he should have stuck to drumming). His 1992 single “Keep The Promise” comes off as a poor attempt to copy Pop Will Eat Itself. Ben Grosse and Marc Kinchen were tasked with remixing the song, although as the saying goes, you can’t polish a turd…

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  1. Gawd! I can’t believe there was a time when this was “HIP”. You can place this with Vanilla Ice and Snow.

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