Rank 1
2000 Tommy Boy Silver Label (US)
TBCD 2103

01 Airwave (Radio Edit)
02 Airwave (Junior Vasquez Edit)
03 Airwave (Rank 1 vs Dutch Force Remix)
04 Airwave (Junior Vasquez Marathon Airwaves Remix)
05 Airwave (ATB Remix)
06 Airwave (Sunset Chillout Mix)

Trance anthem “Airwave” was the first single produced by Piet Bervoets and Benno De Goeij under the alias Rank 1. While exclusive to the US release, the Junior Vasquez mixes are disappointingly dispensable. André Tanneberger also fails to improve upon the original track, which is best served by the ‘Rank 1 vs Dutch Force Remix.’

HELP > Anyone have the German CD single?

Posted on February 18, 2016, in ATB, Junior Vasquez, Rank 1. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Dj Shelf i have 33 cd singles of Rank 1 i give you that please wait and go to share page

  2. Airwave (Junior Vasquez Marathon Dub) 7:11

  3. Thank You Shelf !

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