Pet Shop Boys “The Pop Kids”

“The Pop Kids”, the first single from Pet Shop Boys’ forthcoming album “Super”, is released on 18 March.

The track was remixed by Tennant and Lowe, and includes “One-Hit Wonder”—an instrumental written in 1981—as a B-side.

The Pop Kids (CD/Digital)

1. The Pop Kids (Radio Edit)
2. In Bits
3. One-Hit Wonder
4. The Pop Kids (PSB Deep Dub)
5. The Pop Kids (The Full Story)

Amazon UK has the CD single on pre-order for the ridiculous price of £7.41 (the MP3 single is priced at a more reasonable £3.49). I have to assume that the price will drop.

The CD single is also listed in the PSB Store for $10.49, which is equally ridiculous given that Amazon US has the album on pre-order for $11.99.

As CD singles have become an obsolete format, I guess this is the price that consumers are expected to pay.

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  1. Thank you very much….

    • First off, the single hasn’t been released yet.

      Second, I would never provide a download link for a new release on this blog.

      This post is for informational purposes.

      If you’re looking to steal music, go elsewhere.

  2. Tom in Portsmouth, NH

    I love PSB, but I don’t know if I love this (yet). Maybe it’ll grow on me. The sound is as good as ever, but right now the lyrics just remind me how old I am! Not to mention the “Boys” themselves. Check out the picture of Neil Tennant on their website:

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