Love Shack + Roam


The B-52’s
“Love Shack + Roam”
1990 Reprise Records (JP)

01 Love Shack (Hypersonic Mix)
02 Love Shack (12″ Remix)
03 Roam (12″ Remix)
04 Roam (7″ Remix)
05 Love Shack (Danny Rampling Remix)

DJ Honda’s ‘Hypersonic Mix’ and Danny Rampling’s remix are digitally exclusive to this Japanese EP.

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  1. Years ago, I ripped the 7″ of Love Shack to disc and in all these years I’ve never seen it on any download site ( I believe it is a minute shorter)
    . Unfortunately even though I ripped it in WAV/direct to cd the only version I have left on my computer is 192 kbps

  2. niiiice!

    thank you

  3. Tom in Portsmouth, NH

    One of my all-time favorite bands! Thanks, Shelf, for sharing these cool mixes.

  4. Omg Thank You. Been looking for this forever!!!

  5. “TIN ROOF”
    Rusted !

    Thank You !

  6. Guauuuu !!!!!!! excelente aporte, muchas gracias hermano.

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