The Sun Rising (1997)

EW122CD1   EW122CD2

The Beloved
“The Sun Rising”
1997 EastWest (UK)
EW122CD1 / EW122CD2

01 The Sun Rising
02 The Sun Rising (Back To The Future)
03 The Sun Rising (Tom’s Drum & Bass Mix)
04 The Sun Rising (Zanzibar Has Risen)
05 The Sun Rising (Deep Breath Vocal Mix)
06  The Sun Rising (Danny’s ‘Love Is…’ Mix)
07 The Sun Rising (Mark’s Deep House Mix)
08 The Sun Rising (Deeply Satisfying)
09 The Sun Rising (Deep Breath Dub)
10 The Sun Rising (Rising Mix)

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  1. love it, thanks…

  2. I seem to recall there’s a mistake on one of these two discs and it repeats the same mix instead of having the correct remix as titled…though I can’t recall which one. I’ll check durations in my player after I download it.

  3. I think the “Deep Breath Dub” is actually the “Deep Breath Vocal Mix”—so the vocal mix actually appears twice by accident and the dub isn’t on here at all. Feel free to verify, they might actually be barely dissimilar and I could be mistaken. :)

    • Someone else noted this on Discogs, so I listened to both tracks carefully prior to posting. While the two mixes do sound very similar, they are indeed different – start listening at 1:30 and also between 3:30 and 4:00 and you’ll hear additional lyrics in the vocal mix. Consequently, I edited the entry accordingly on Discogs.

      • Iiiiinteresting. They’re so similar. I’d heard in interviews from rock bands back then that the multiple-format UK chart thing lead to a lot of stress for groups to come up with enough different alternate tracks to cover them all, I wonder if this was an easy to way turn one mix into two?

  4. cheers shelf. A classic

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