“Super” Pet Shop Boys

Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant will release a new album, “Super”, on 01 April 2016. Like the duo’s last LP, “Super” is produced by Stuart Price. Here’s a teaser video:

The track in that clip is “Inner Sanctum”—full audio below:

Not that I don’t like it; however, “Inner Sanctum” sounds similar to every Dutch trance track released in the late-1990s.


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  1. I would have preferred a teaser/lead-off track with more vocals. This reminds me too much of the beginning promotions for Electric, and “Axis,” which blows “Inner Sanctum” out of the water! Being a PetHead, I am still excited for Super.

  2. Yippee ! the boys are back in town

  3. very belated Happy New Year etc guv, but……..
    yer started a war with your comment about nowt new being any good, this comes along with its glowsticks and glitterballs to remind us that Murk, Evolution, Deep Dish, Rollo & Sister Bliss, DJ Taucher etc weren’t so bad, and yer STILL sorta moaning hehehe. I thought the best song on the last PSB LP was “Inside A Dream” and this kinda follows from there, so I’m happy anyway.
    VERY glad you didn’t quit by the way

  4. You’re right – not a very remarkable track….

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