Contemporary Dance Music Sampler


Various Artists
“Contemporary Dance Music Sampler”
1997 7pm Music Ltd (UK)

01 Shiva – Freedom
02 Nootropic – I See Only You
03 Mother – Gotta Luv It
04 Tenth Chapter – Wired
05 Blue Amazon – And Then The Rain Falls
06 Amethyst – Futura
07 V – Anjuna
08 Shango – Tunnelvision
09 Fifty Fifty – Crazy Thing
10 Bullitt – Cried To Dream
11 Blue Amazon – Star Of David
12 Meltdown – My Life Is In Your Hands
13 Nootropic – Can’t Stop Loving You
14 Danny Campbell – Answer My Prayer
15 Danny Campbell & Sasha – Together
16 Minds Of Men – Brand New Day
17 Shiva – Let There Be Love
18 Blue Amazon – No Other Love
19 Bedrock – For What You Dream Of

This 1997 promotional CD is a companion to the “Contemporary Electronic Music Sampler” (posted here in 2011); both collections were produced to showcase talent managed by 7pm Music, which included several artists in the Jackpot stable. The track selection formats include proper radio edits, early fades of full-length mixes, and uniquely edited versions exclusive to the compilation.

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  1. Any chance you can upload the first 7PM compilation again?

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