Goodbye Spaceboy

In memory of… Ziggy Stardust. Thomas Jerome Newton. Major Tom. John Blaylock. The Thin White Duke. Jack Celliers. Aladdin Sane. Jareth the Goblin King.

In memory of David Bowie (08 January 1947 – 10 January 2016).
Artist. Innovator. Chameleon. Icon. Legend.


David Bowie
“Hallo Spaceboy”
1996 RCA/BMG Records Ltd (UK)

01 Hallo Spaceboy (Remix) 04:25
02 Under Pressure (Live Version) 04:08
03 Moonage Daydream (Live Version) 05:28
04 The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Bowie Mix) 04:57
05 Hallo Spaceboy (12″ Remix)* 06:44
06 Hallo Spaceboy (Double Click Mix)* 07:49
07 Hallo Spaceboy (Instrumental)* 07:46
08 Hallo Spaceboy (Lost In Space Mix)* 06:34

*Bonus tracks not on original CD release

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  1. Tom in Portsmouth, NH

    Leave it to Bowie to turn his own death into his final piece of art. That video for Lazarus, with his eyes bandaged, levitating above the bed and singing, “Ain’t that just like me?” What a legacy he leaves behind!

    • Tom in Portsmouth, NH

      Forgot to add: Thank you, Shelf, for these hard-to-find mixes of Hallo Spaceboy. Never heard these before and really appreciate the share.

  2. RIP David Bowie. l could never imagine the early days of MTV without you. Many great memories.

  3. As someone has already said : ” Ashes to Ashes-Dust to Stardust” Goodbye Spaceboy x

  4. Had just been listening to this before coming here… wow. Thank you. RIP One of the greats.

  5. I played a lot of Bowie yesterday, and when I went to grab this single, it wasn’t in my spinner rack. So, thank you for this, Shelf!

    Now for something odd…in Sunday night’s episode of The Simpsons, there was a freakishly odd reference…

    Skinner: (talking about the new teacher) “And, she has a cat with different color eyes. His name is Bowie.”

    • Contrary to popular belief, David Bowie did not have two different colored eyes. His left pupil was left permanently dilated as the result of an injury sustained in his youth, giving the impression that his left eye was darker than his right. However, this aspect of Bowie’s appearance greatly contributed to his mystique.

      • I actually knew that. Awhile back, I had googled “Bowie eyes” or something like that, and found a short blurb on his Wikipedia page. I just found it ironic that the episode aired the night he died.

        • That is an interesting coincidence. I’m surprised that the usually sharp writers of “The Simpsons” perpetuated that myth!

          Thanks LMNO – hope all is well on your end.

  6. Thank you Shelf, is a great release!

  7. One of the first records i buy in store is LP Album Lets Dance
    David Bowie is legend and always be.But life is cruel for everyone people born and one day died.Cancer is most pure evil
    diseasse,people have big pain and to much safer no cure for that.I hear today died also of cancer acter Alan Rikman.Too many loses in couple days.Rest in peace David and Alan .

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