Methods Of Dance is 5

Exactly one year ago, I announced that I would cease updating this blog after five years or 1,000 posts, whichever came first.

The thousandth post was reached back on 1 August, but I chose to continue operations. However, a few weeks later on 7 September, I declared that the dancefloor was closed for good… and then resumed posting later that month, albeit more sporadically.

We’ve now arrived upon the other deadline of five years. I won’t ‘cry wolf’ again and say that this is definitely the end; however, I can’t offer any promises for the future.

As always, thank you for your interest and support, and best wishes to you and your loved ones for a peaceful and healthy New Year.


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  1. Thanks Shelf if you decide to hang up your boots. The ride has been amazing. Go out whilst at the top!

  2. well regardless of how much further you will be posting… or that i just discovered this site…. let me say thanks for the work and time you have put into it….

  3. just keep it up Shelfy boy……..

  4. It’s an awesome effort, sir. Thanks and happy new year!

  5. we do appreciate your willingness to share and expand others taste in music…thank you for your kindness…hope you have a great new year…

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    All the best to you and yours in the New Year!

  7. Thank you Dj Shelf .Chris and Sharon i wish you best in new 2016 good health and many many happy and wonderfull days.
    Take care booth of you god bless you.
    ps 1 january i must go work in my company 6 in the morning to 19 pm all day im sorry someone must work on Holliday.

  8. Thank you for your time and effort,,

  9. I really appreciate your work, thank you and have a fantastic New Year

  10. Thank you so much, DJ Shelf! We will patiently await your return :-D

  11. just stay with us. please. we really all appreciate your hard work you put into this site

  12. The work you’ve put into this site is appreciated and you’re loved by us all! Here’s hoping you continue your passion for sharing in 2016!!

    Happy New Year Shelf!!

  13. Happy anniversary mate, i hope that you will continue working on this blog, this is one of the best blogs i’ve seen around !!!

  14. Great music as always thanks for sharing, hear from you again soon!!???

  15. I really hope you decide to keep on posting. Anyway, looking forward to read your comments ’round the blogosphere. Thanks for everyting.

  16. The Looky Here list is like the soundtrack from a wonderful dream! This blog is the best thing I’ve seen in years and the music is so similar to my collection. DJ Shelf, I don’t know you but I can see you have amazing taste in music and friends. I hope this community will last a bit longer – I can share some amazing music with this site and its members. My info is included in this post – I will be happy to trade tracks and post anything I have in my collection. Cheers!

    Darin Arrowood

  17. Mate here in China your Blog makes all the difference

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