Yello “Jingle Bells”

Didn’t want to reopen THE BANK just for one silly single…


01 Jingle Bells (Single Version) 02:58
02 Jingle Bells (Movie Version) 04:46
03 Jingle Bells (Santa Club Mix) 05:17

» Played at The Bank: “Jingle Bells” (Santa Club Mix)

Swiss electronic duo Boris Blank and Dieter Meier produced a twinkling techno version of seasonal classic “Jingle Bells” for the soundtrack to 1994 holiday comedy “The Santa Clause.” The Bank’s resident DJ, Bobby Startup, included the ‘Santa Club Mix’ among his early evening warm-up selections during December 1995.

NOTE » Special thanks to our good friend Sandman, curator of Off The Beat(EN) Trax, for helping me to finally identify this track after hearing it at THE BANK 19 years ago. Sandman posted this single on his blog last year, and I later found a cheap promo copy at a real record store (yes, they still exist).


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  1. Thank you! Very merry christmas to you!

  2. woooohoo!! merry Christmas to everyone!

    i think i’m gonna watch Bad Santa instead, lol )))

  3. Thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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