Classic Alternatives Volume 4


1.01 The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary (Long Version)
1.02 Yello – I Love You (Extended Dance Version)
1.03 Tones On Tail – Go! (Club Mix)
1.04 The Mission – Tower Of Strength (East India Trans Cairo Mix)
1.05 Anything Box – Living In Oblivion (The Living Mix)
1.06 Split Enz – I Got You
1.07 Tears For Fears – Change (Extended Version)
1.08 The Icicle Works – Whisper To A Scream (Frantic Mix)
1.09 The Art Of Noise – Beat Box (Diversion One)
1.10 Big Audio Dynamite – The Bottom Line (U.S. Remix)

2.01 Ministry – Everyday Is Halloween
2.02 Propaganda – p: Machinery (Polish)
2.03 Endgames – First-Last-For Everything (Disconet Edit)
2.04 Stephen ‘Tin Tin’ Duffy – Kiss Me (Vocal Remix)
2.05 Flesh For Lulu – I Go Crazy (Extended Mix)
2.06 Rational Youth – Saturdays In Silesia (Extended Version)
2.07 I Start Counting – Lose Him
2.08 Simple Minds – Love Song
2.09 Modern English – I Melt With You (Carl Clubs The World)
2.10 Shriekback – Nemesis (Extended)

3.01 The Art Of Noise – Moments In Love
3.02 Yazoo – Situation (U.S. Remix)
3.03 Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (U.S. Remix)
3.04 Soft Cell – Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go?
3.05 O.M.D. – If You Leave (Extended Version)
3.06 Chalk Circle – April Fool (April First)
3.07 Gary Numan – Cars
3.08 Real Life – Send Me An Angel ’88 (Heaven No. 7 Mix)
3.09 Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance (Remix)
3.10 Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls (Extended Mix)

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  1. ‘ow do, chief, the bitch is back, hehehe
    I read your reply to my last comment (still on the ‘music is dead’ thing) and a lovely reply it was too. Took me too long to find to have tagged along to yer latest. I think I was always on your side (not sure all your readers were), and i really enjoy this blog even when i couldn’t disagree more. “Songs From The Big Chair” is a bloody good choice though. Add that to the groups Muse absorbed along with Ultravox, Puressence, Radiohead, Queen…..
    Yer a star, mate.

    • Phil! The way I see it, anyone who disagrees with that post is clearly in denial. And probably way more musically open-minded than me. (probably a little of both)

      It’s all been done before… only better!

  2. ….sorry for the spelling mistakes!

  3. …and cheers for what you said about my mum. she actually looks like June Whitfield but I had a natter with her yesterday about how Ultravox just get better with age (obviously, not the naff stuff like ‘Dancing With Tears In My Eyes’, but pretty much everything up to “Rage In Eden” plus some of “Quartet”). Those kinda chats are usually with your (geeky) mate in the pub! And she likes Etta James, Mamas & Papas!!!!! I’m lucky.
    Did you give Ultravox’s “Brilliant” (2012) a chance? If bloody Westlife or One Direction covered ‘One’ it would be a #1, and sounds spookily like the best Aha song they never made……
    Midge Ure’s recent “Fragile” is good too. One song ‘For All You Know’ is up there with the very very best in his entire (vast) cannon.
    I’m off to play the orchestral version of ‘Fade To Grey’ again. I still can’t decide if it’s stinky or not…..

    • Damn – your mom really is absolutely fabulous! If I mentioned Ultravox to my mom, she’d think I was talking about a vacuum cleaner or something. What – you don’t like “Lament”? Okay, “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes” is a little over the top, but that’s a solid album. And “Brilliant” is a great comeback album – classic Uvox. Haven’t heard “Fragile” yet. Sadly, Ure’s voice is beginning to go – saw him live a couple of years ago and he was definitely straining to hit those high notes. But the guy is an underrated genius.

      I like Visage’s “Orchestral” album – thought it would be a hokey gimmick, but the results are eminently listenable.

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