Let’s Go Tesko


Various Artists
“Let’s Go Tesko”
1993 React Music Ltd (UK)

01 X-Press 2 – London X-Press
02 DJ Dero – Batucada (Latino Percussion Mix)
03 Brothers Love Dubs – Ming’s Incredible Disco Machine
04 TWA – TWA Theme (J Edgar Hoover Remix)
05 Uno Clio – Pleasure (Original Mix)
06 Additional Touch – I Feel Love [You Make Me Feel] (Strong)
07 Disco Biscuit – Disco Biscuit (Disco Dove Freak)
08 Reefa! – You Can’t Stop The Groove
09 Fierce Ruling Diva – Get Funky (Extended Radio Mix)
10 E-Lustrious – Givin’ You No Rest (In The End Mix)
11 Undergraduates – Funk On Up
12 Direct 2 Disc – Excuse Me (Disco Mix)

LINER NOTES > Why Tesko? The concept of Tesko first appeared in 1993 at the Leeds nightclub Vague, coined to describe the particular brand of disco house music being championed by notorious DJs TWA (Trannies With Attitude) at the club. It quickly became apparent that this was not an isolated phenomenon when the press began to refer to “digifunk” and “90’s disco” in an attempt to describe the music that many other DJs were playing around the country – Techno Disco. Tesko is defined as being Techno with the sex put back in it; the power of Techno with all the funk and feeling of classic Disco tunes. Whatever you call it, it’s here on this compilation in all its glory… and variety; and we hope this collection will enable more peopleto get their hands on these tracks, many of which are rare or downright unavailable.

Dig It. Tesko. Tekno Disco For The Nineties.

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  1. I know a couple of tracks on this but i had no idea how the sound came about. Thank you!

  2. Yipeee! Love this post ! Thanks

  3. synthetic-hardcore

    So many memories… Fierce Ruling Diva – Get Funky (Extended Radio Mix).. just brilliant ! Thank you so much Mr. Shelf :)

  4. Def can’t wait to hear this one. Thanks!

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