Tell Me How You Really Feel

Understandably, many folks are disappointed that I am no longer posting music on this blog. Earlier today, someone strongly expressed their dissatisfaction with my decision via this email:

“You’re scum for closing the blog and it’s a real kick in the nuts for your loyal followers. Well done, hope you can sleep at night.”

I’m sure he was just being funny. And actually, Dave, I usually don’t sleep well at night because I stay up too late doing stuff online like… blogging.

Anyway, I thought that was too good not to share. Oh, and Dave—stay tuned and perhaps I’ll redeem myself…

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  1. redeem yourself???????

    oh you tease!

  2. beauty will redeem the world!
    start posting pictures of yours – that might help too)))

    and yeah, i know you were reading that _dissatisfaction_ with a face Not-Sure-If-Trolling-Or-Not ))

  3. Dunno what he’s on about, my nuts feel great!

  4. Tom in Portsmouth, NH

    How dare you stop giving away your music…to start spending more time with your family? Where are your priorities, man? Think of the children!

    Shelf, you are (as usual) very magnanimous in your response to that post. I wish that was a quality I could summon up as easily as you.

    But you’re right—it’s obviously a joke. Either that or he’s off his meds!

  5. My my, people always get off center (provided they’re on it to begin with) when their freebies are revoked. One of the beauties of art is that it moves and breathes. So good on you you, Shelf, move and breath. BTW Grebo, fantastic comment! I bet your nuts do feel great.

  6. Musicarchivist

    LOL that was too funny you scumbag hehehe

  7. I Miss the posts. Even if you decided to come back…hint hint, A post once a week would be plenty to keep all 230 of the followers happy. But, regardless, we all support any decision you make. :) Aferall, you did give us many years of great music.

  8. totally understandable … that’s the same way a crack addict would react if you took his crack away!

    Anyways, thank you for at least keeping the blog and the share section going!

    I wish I had discovered this site a few years earlier!

  9. no, please don’t come back. as I’ve repeatedly said over the years, just stop. You’re terrible.

  10. Nothing wrong with parking the bus for now, you can come out of retirement when you retire and spend all day on it.

    Lets hope Dave was joking – but if he wasn’t – what a tool

  11. Someone once told me (maybe it was my dad) that making enemies is a sure sign that you’re doing the right thing. Now if the only way to know you’re actually free is to speak out about what you truly believe, then enemies you will make. Take it for what it is. A mark of achievement.

    Anyway, that’s my dos centavos on the subject, and for once I’m not just blowing wind. Take it as a note of thanks for all the fine work you folks have done over the years. I’ve been watching and listening, and so have a lot of other folks.

    …I agree with Tom’s comment, taking the high road with your resply but calling this person out at the same time.

    I fly like a hawk or better yet, an eagle, a seagull
    I sniff suckers out like a beagle
    My ego is off and running and gone
    ‘Cause I’m about the best and if you diss then that’s wrong

    Pass me the scalpel, I’ll make an incision
    I’ll cut off the part of your brain that does the bitching
    Put it in formaldehyde and put it on the SHELF
    And you can show it to your friends and say that’s my old self

  12. withinaconstantgroove

    Nothing lasts forever, everyone should be grateful for what they got and not what they missed out on.
    Thanks for the effort over the years. Appreciated.

  13. Well, I’m glad we all had a good laugh at Dave’s expense (if he was even serious). As always, you guys are too kind :-)

    Oh, and well done with the reverse psychology, Ted ;-)

  14. Dave has a very poetic way with words, just beautiful and such sentiment, its true we all miss the posts.

  15. We will be here ,waiting for your comeback….

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