Here’s the proof:

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  1. i always felt like the only (gay) guy on this planet who thought this from the moment he enters the scene.. totally overrated.

  2. Tom in Portsmouth, NH

    Needs more cowbell!

  3. im bored with this song. LOL Where is Sheena Easton when you need her the most !

  4. Methods Of Dance has stirred

  5. righteous anger LOL))

  6. I actually like some of his other songs, but this one really is crap and a far, far cry from the better Bond standards.

  7. I told you guys old times is better of today many new staff is copys of old.Not ideas or creativity .

  8. Why in last 10 to 15 years American soundtracks songs is maded in the same way.Just like this song .You have right this is shit like many others songs like this.Like Beijing opera man acting voice of Chinesse empress in movie Farewell My Concubine- 1992 with beautifull Gong li.Sam Smith is free to sing in Beijing Opera.
    Here is my proof watch this classic on you tube(amazing movie)

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