The Club Is Now Closed

Sorry, but I’m clearing the dancefloor and turning off the lights now. I had hoped to make it to the site’s five year anniversary (29 December); however, my time, energy, and enthusiasm have all steadily dwindled. I need to unplug, get out of the house, and exercise more. Also, our dogs are getting up in years and I want to spend more quality time with them (oh, and my wife, too :-).

I’m very grateful to all of my fellow bloggers for sharing their own collections and musical knowledge. The most ardent and generous music fans maintain sites in that list on the left—I salute you all.

I must give special recognition to DJ Paul T. Six years ago in an older incarnation, Paul’s Burning The Ground was the first music blog that I discovered, and it inspired me to start Methods Of Dance. Paul was supportive early on and gave me my first reciprocal link. Thanks Paul.

And of course, I must thank everyone out there who has contributed to my blogs, be it comments, music, or other content. A wonderful community has been cultivated here—you guys are awesome.

While the site will remain online for posterity, any still active download links will be removed on 30 September 31 December 2015.

It’s time for a rest now. Thanks again, and take care.


Methods Of Dance (2010 – 2015)
The Bank (2011 – 2014)
That’s The Ticket (2015 – ?)

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  1. I hate it and I understand it.

    I want you to know I have huge appreciation for what you accomplished here. I’ve been a fan. I’ll stay a fan.

    Have the great hereafter with wife and dogs: they sure deserve it.

  2. Thank you so much for all the great music provided!
    Take care
    Regards from Brazil :)

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