Blue Monday-95


01 Blue Monday (Original Mix)
02 Blue Monday (Hardfloor Remix)
03 Blue Monday (Jam & Spoon Manuela Mix)
04 True Faith (Shep Pettibone Mix)
05 1963 (Lionrock Full Throttle Mix)
06 Let’s Go

FACT > On the UK & EU packaging of its 1995 reissue, “Blue Monday” appears as “Blauer Montag”—a clever reference to the track having been remixed exclusively by German producers. This Canadian CD EP includes tracks from “1963”, released as a single the prior year. Note that “Let’s Go” on this release differs slightly from the US version, “Let’s Go (Nothing For Me).”

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  1. here are 3 more of the ’95 Mixes:

    – Jam & Spoon Andrea Mix (320)
    – Plutone Mix (320)
    – Starwash Mix (192)

  2. Thank you both for these rare remixes!!!

    JAM AND SPOON were awesome!

  3. Thanks for your great efforts. You provided some great material. Good Luck relaxing.

  4. Enjoy your quality time – I really enjoyed your blog and your kindness of sharing this material with us. Huge

  5. You closing the site, it was truly a “Blue Monday” for me.

  6. Thank you very much for evething!

  7. thank you for one of best blogs ever…

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