One Step Ahead (US Promo)

Happy Birthday to my future second wife, Miss Deborah Gibson, who turns 45 today :-)

And very special thanks to eLeMeNOhPeaQ for sharing this extremely rare promo CD with the MOD community.

PRCD39442 CD Label   A7677

01 One Step Ahead (Hot Radio Mix)
02 One Step Ahead (Radio Mix With Rap)
03 One Step Ahead (LP Mix)
04 One Step Ahead (Club Mix)
05 One Step Ahead (Masters At Work)
06 One Step Ahead (Underground)

INFO > Debbie Gibson’s image and musical style had begun to mature by her third album, “Anything Is Possible.” Co-written with Lamont Dozier and co-produced with John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez, 1991 single “One Step Ahead” sports a house sound, and even features a bit of rapping from Ms. Gibson. Of special significance, “One Step Ahead” has the distinction of being the first track remixed by the Masters At Work team of ‘Little’ Louie Vega and Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez.

Debbie Gibson 1990

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  1. Happy Birthday, Deb!
    Here’s a little something extra for the the MOD followers…
    (I spent more time than I’d like to admit on cleaning up my vinyl rip of this Promo 12″ from her Body Mind & Soul (1992) album.)

    Debbie Gibson – Free Me [Promo 12″ Single] (1992)
    87.8 MB RAR | 88.1 MB Unpacked | MP3s @ 320kbps

    01 Free Me [Smoove Free Club Mix] 7:42
    02 Free Me [Dew & Smoove Dub Mix] 4:07
    03 Free Me [Miss Debbie’s Dub] 4:07
    04 Free Me [Extended Mix] 7:26
    05 Free Me [Ralphi’s Dub Vox] 6:46
    06 Free Me [Miss G’s Dub] 2:02
    Free Me [Extended Mix – eLeMeNOhPeaQ Edit] 3:57

    Track 01 – Remix by E-Smoove
    Track 02 – Remix by E-Smoove and Dewey B
    Tracks 03, 05 & 06 – Remix by Ralphi Rosario
    Track 04 – Remix by Darryl Gustamachio and Scott Christian


  2. Thank you eLeMeNOhPeaQ for this nice uploads (Debbie also happy birthday)
    DJ Shelf one and only is Mrs Shelf i wish you booth of you long and happy life

  3. Thanks alot!!

  4. thanks for the post !

  5. house!down¡boots

    If someone would be so kind to repost both the “One Step Ahead” CD single as well as the “Free Me” Remixes Promo, I’d be eternally grateful. I am a huge fan of Debbie’s deeper House cuts (Losin’ Myelf included) and to have these tracks in pristine quality to listen to on my stereo would be a real blessing, thank you so so much, this is the only place on the internet where I was able to find these two and so far I was only able to hear them via shoddy YouTube rips.

  6. Unfortunately any of these promos are still available to download. Can you repost both?

  7. please re- up. much thanks

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