Groovy Feeling


01 Groovy Feeling (Toni Bell’s Single Scoop)
02 Groovy Feeling (Make Mine A 99)
03 Groovy Feeling (Lolly Gobble Choc Bomb)
04 Groovy Feeling (Nutty Chip Cornet)
05 Groovy Feeling (Mr Whippy)
06 Groovy Feeling (Thick N Creamy)

INFO > With its bouncy, uplifting vibe, “Groovy Feeling” is my favorite Fluke production. The 1993 release was the third single attached to the trio’s 1993 album, “Six Wheels On My Wagon.” Many years later, and after a couple of visits to the UK, I finally deciphered all of those delicious remix references :-)

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  1. Malin The Ambient Dinosaur

    The KLF also used these ice cream references for “Justified & Ancient”, also having a remix called “Make Mine A ’99′”.

    And I really want some ice cream now..

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