Only Human


01 Only Human (Edit)
02 Run To You (Masters At Work Radio Edit)
03 Run To You (BT & PvD’s 7 Skies Vocal Mix)
04 Run To You (Mindspell Killa Vocal Beatdown)

INFO > Early in her career, Dina Carroll was part of dance act Masquerade, which released a couple of singles through the seminal Streetwave label during the mid-1980s. Later signing to Jive, she began her solo career with a cover of “Walk On By” in 1989. A few modest hits followed, after which Carroll moved to Mercury and released her second album, “Only Human”, in 1996. The title track was issued as the LP’s second single, backed with remixes of “Run To You.”

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  1. some more mixes:

    Run To You (BT & Paul van Dyk 7 Skies Dub) 6:45
    Run To You (Masters At Work Dub 1) 6:54
    Run To You (Masters At Work Main Pass) 9:17
    Run To You (Masters At Work Vocal Dub) 7:09
    Run To You (Mindspell Late At Night Dinapella) 5:18
    Run To You (Mindspell Run Two Dubs) 6:49

    (all 320)

  2. martymartymarty

    Thanks for this! I’ve long wanted to explore some Dina Carroll…

  3. Big thanks for Dina Carroll Dj Shelfd and Robin

  4. May God Bless you Dj Shelf and Robin. You have made my week with this post. I’m an addict to Dina Carroll. If there is more of her please post……I love this site.

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