Russian Radio


01 Russian Radio (Glasnost Club Mix)
02 Russian Radio (Radio Moscow Edit)
03 Russian Radio (Tremont & Webster Mix)
04 Broken Heart (Radio Edit)
05 Broken Heart (UK Remix)
06 Broken Heart (Extended Remix)
07 Control
08 Re-Broken

INFO > Synthpop duo Red Flag’s first two singles are combined on this 1988 CD single. “Russian Radio” was remixed by Paul Robb, while Jon St. James and Stacey Q produced and reworked “Broken Heart.” Most of the tracks are digitally exclusive to the release.

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  1. Love this band!!! Thank you.

    I never realized that Jon St. James and Stacey Q remixed Broken Heart but makes total sense now! They were great when they were still SSQ in 1983!

  2. too bad the Razormaid remixes aren’t on here.

  3. great track Shelf!, the b-side “control” was the first song I heard on a college radio station out of Olympia, WA. ..your link goes to nowhereseville… not sure if that’s a problem on my end er not.

  4. tried link again, was human operator error on my end. thanks! …any chance for some Ocean Blue? maybe a single or ep that may have been posted before?…he he.

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