My Love Is For Real


01 My Love Is For Real (Radio Edit)
02 My Love Is For Real (Strike’s Big Outback 12″ Mix)
03 My Love Is For Real (Strike’s Small Upfront Dub)
04 My Love Is For Real (Ramp Vocal Mix)
05 My Love Is For Real (Ramp Dub)

INFO > Formed in 1994, Strike comprised producers Matt Cantor and Andy Gardner, and vocalist Victoria Newton. The trio’s second single, “U Sure Do”, was a huge handbag hit, and peaked at 4 on the UK Singles Chart in 1995. In addition to their own releases, Cantor & Gardner also produced remixes for other artists. “My Love Is For Real”, the lead single from Paula Abdul’s 1995 album “Head Over Heels”, features reworks from Strike, who then recorded their own version the following year.

There’s an easily overlooked gem on this package that will be of interest to fans of progressive house. While Shem McCauley and Simon Rogers were producing material as both Ramp and Slacker during the mid-1990s, their two styles began to converge and become less distinguishable; this is evidenced on the striking ‘Ramp Dub.’

Matt Cantor would later team up with Aston Harvey as Freestylers; Andy Gardner partnered with Lee Rous as Plump DJs; and Victoria Newton went solo and eventually returned to her jazz roots.

Here’s the official promo video for Strike’s “My Love Is For Real”:

And for comparison, here’s the decidedly more intriguing original version by Paula Abdul, featuring Ofra Haza:

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  1. Thanks for the Post Shelf ! Love this song.

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