The End Is Nigh

Some of you may recall that last December, I made the decision to end this blog after 1,000 posts or five years duration.

The bad news is that this is the 1,000th post.

The good news is that the show will go on (we’ll defer to the five-year expiration date).

However, my energy for maintaining Methods of Dance is waning (along with public interest, I’d imagine), so please adjust your expectations as to the frequency and quality of future offerings.

Also, Mega has been misbehaving lately, and I have neither the time nor patience to seek out alternate options for free file hosting. So if it ain’t working, try again later.

As for other news—I recently started another music-related blog:

That’s The Ticket

This new project is a much different and more personal endeavor. Basically, it’s a showcase for concert tickets that I’ve collected over the past 30 years. It won’t be everyone’s cuppa tea, especially for those accustomed to finding free music. And while I put some effort into the initial entries, it’s quite likely that my enthusiasm will abate.

Okay then, let’s keep calm and carry on.

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  1. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’d be gutted if you stopped. Maybe you could put together a best of of your favourites like your previous (spectacular) offerings…..

    I understand why you’re thinking of shutting up shop but I would really miss your posts…. xxxxx

  2. I’m so glad you’re going the 5 year route. I kept thinking, “slow down on the posts, as you’ll hit 1,000 quickly!” I understand not having enough time to devote to the blog. As we get older, we realize there are other things that have priority, and our interests change. But, I’m sure there will be plenty more posts, as music always sparks interest.

    Best of luck on the new blog…and, here’s to a few more years of MOD!

  3. Keep calm and carry on blogging. It’ll ebb and flow. But this is a good ‘un

  4. Thank you for extending the lifespan of this most favourite blog. It is the best by far. I’m glad it is going to continue running. What’s life without Dj Shelf and Methods of Dance.

  5. chantelle2105ws

    Really glad you’re breaking your own rule! Amongst other things, your blog has allowed me to complete my Factory discography, and along the way, I’ve discovered lots of new things to listen to too! You provide a valuable service to the music loving community out here, so long may you continue! Thanks again!

  6. you will most certainly be missed our dear friend. You gave us many hours of great music and fellowship. That’s The Ticket is a really COOL site !

  7. coolest website ever. keep blogging please

  8. Thanks for all these great posts, mate.

  9. and your new blog’s pretty good as well

  10. well thanks for all the top oakenfold tunes that I had never heard about, top blog one of the best!

  11. Thanks everyone. It’s a great community we have here :-)

  12. Please Keep Blogging, This Is One Of The Best Blogs :) Greetings!

  13. I’m sad you will be leaving. Have loved and been a follower of the site for 4 years, and have discovered some great music and artists. Thank You for all you do Shelf

  14. Keep going this is a top blog that offers something different and it is meticulous and detailed, there are rare gems on here that you have kindly shared over the years, thanks a lot!

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