Two Fatt Guitars (Revisited)


01 Two Fatt Guitars (Radio Edit)
02 Two Fatt Guitars (Babetastic Mix)
03 Two Fatt Guitars (Corporation Express Remix)
04 Two Fatt Guitars (Jules & Skins Techno Remix)
05 Two Fatt Guitars (Rocktastic Mix)
06 Two Fatt Guitars (San Frandisko Remix)
07 Two Fatt Guitars (Elate Remix)

INFO > Danny Hibrid and Mike E-Bloc produced “Two Fatt Guitars” as Direckt. Originally released in 1993, the single was reissued the following year with new mixes from The Development Corporation, DJ EFX & DJ Digit, and Andy Stevenson & Phil Coxon.

NOTE > Somewhat confusingly, the ‘Babetastic Mix’ on the original release is labeled as the ‘Rocktastic Mix’ on the 1994 reissue, while the ‘Skankin’ Mix’ from the 1993 12″ single corresponds to the ‘Babetastic Mix’ on the CD single.

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  1. Pure example of 90’s progressive. Always on of my faves

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