Dance Hall Days (1997 Remixes)


01 Dance Hall Days (Flashing Back To Happiness 7″ Mix)
02 Dance Hall Days (Flashing Back To Happiness 12″ Mix)
03 Dance Hall Days (Darren Costin Remix)
04 Dance Hall Days (Richie Warburton Remix)
05 Dance Hall Days (Original LP Version)

INFO > 1982 saw the original release of “Dance Hall Days” by Huang Chung; the single failed to chart. In the following year, the band signed with Geffen Records and changed their name to Wang Chung; subsequently, a reissued “Dance Hall Days” became a big hit in the U.S. The song was revisited in 1989, shortly after which Wang Chung broke up. Jack Hues and Nick Feldman reunited in 1997, and “Dance Hall Days” was dusted off once again to promote a greatest hits collection. The ’97 remixes are hardly essential: the Rapino Brothers’ update is passable; however, former Wang Chung drummer Darren Costin lazily pastes the song’s vocals over the beats from Underworld’s “Born Slippy .NUXX.” The other version is an ill-advised big beat revision.

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  1. DJ Shelf you always suprise me i never hear for these remixes
    thank you

  2. I used to have this CDM … I agree that the mixes weren’t great but they still worked magic on the dancefloor!

  3. The vinyl only remix by Evolution. that’s the one you want.

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