Car Sex

Special thanks to Dana for sharing this sexy single.


01 Car Sex (Radio Edit)
02 Car Sex (Range Rover Mix)
03 Car Sex (Lip Service)
04 Car Sex (Bubblegum Mix)
05 Car Sex (TKO Mix)
06 Car Sex (Back Seat Journey)

INFO > After being booted from Bow Wow Wow, former frontwoman Annabella Lwin recorded a solo album, “Fever”, in 1986. She then disappeared from the music scene for a while, and reappeared in 1994 with a new single, “Car Sex.” The track was remixed by West End, Roger Sanchez, and Howie B.

HELP > Anyone have Laundrette 81 “Te Quiero [Love Me]” featuring Lwin on vocals?

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  1. Thank you Dana and djshelf i remeber band BOW WOW WOW
    work in 80 s .
    i have some from this cd
    Do What You Do (Sound Factory Vocal)
    Do What You Do (Whole Lotta Soul)
    Do What You Do (Fire Island Dub)
    but no full cd

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