01 Machines (LP Edit)
02 Machines (Metal Shop Edit)
03 Machines (Tony’s Edit)
04 Machines (Metal Shop Extended)
05 Machines (House Of Sprockets Mix)
06 Machines (Hammer & Saw Mix)
07 Rhythmik Vibrations
08 Tekno Vibrations

INFO > After relocating to Southern California with their family in the early-1980s, Liverpudlian brothers Chris and Mark Reynolds began producing electronic music. After a couple of band name changes (Shades Of May, Naïve Art), they settled on Red Flag. Released in 1992, “Machines” was a stopgap single issued in-between the duo’s 1989 debut album, “Naïve Art”, and their 1994 follow-up LP, “The Lighthouse.”

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  1. love this track!!!

    thank you

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