Down To Earth


01 Down To Earth (Oakenfold & Osborne 7″ Mix)
02 Down To Earth (Oakenfold & Osborne Master Mix)
03 Down To Earth (Oakenfold & Osborne Dub Mix)
04 Down To Earth (Angeles Vocal Mix)
05 Down To Earth (EFM Darkside Mix)

INFO > Paul Oakenfold & Steve Osborne’s fourth single as Grace, 1996’s “Down To Earth”, was remixed by Angeles (Jay Welsh & Martin Cartledge) and Eddy Fingers.

HELP > Anyone have “You’re Not Mine” and “Down To Earth”?

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  1. Hi Shelf! As always I love 99% of everything you post and I thank you again for helping me complete my digital record collection. Now, I was wondering if you had the cd single of Jesus Love You “Bow Down Mister” that includes the remixes? Thank you again!

  2. always Love “Grace” songs. Thx for the post :)

  3. Great tracks as always Mr. Shelf! You’re asking for “You’re Not Mine” and “Down To Earth”, you can find them in 320k mp3 at Liquid Club in &

    Thanks for all the sharing and hard work =)

  4. unfortunately is true if you download directly in the browser but since i started to use freerapid downloader with the zippyshare links it became much faster (altought all the other links have ridiculous waiting time just as you said)

  5. did you manage to get these Shelf or you still in need ? I know i’ve got both these cds if you still need

  6. Has liquidclub disappeared?

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