Version Galore


01 Radio Babylon (Space Children Intro Mix)
02 Radio Babylon (Version Galore)
03 Psyche-Out (Sex Skank Stripdown)
04 Psyche-Out (Version 1)
05 Psyche-Out (Dub)
06 Radio Babylon
07 Psyche-Out (Sex Skank Mix)

Posted on July 7, 2015, in Andrew Weatherall, Meat Beat Manifesto. Bookmark the permalink. 12 Comments.

  1. MOD-20150707

  2. What’s the story with Mega now that the file cannot be downloaded the way it used to be?

    • Tom in Portsmouth, NH

      Martin, they’ve just changed it up a bit. Look underneath the button you’re used to clicking on. It says “Download through your browser”. I think that’s the one you want.

  3. Martin, use Jdownloader 2. It handles all of it for you.

  4. I think mega now is like ADRIVE you see

  5. What a pitty. It used to be so simple to download from this fantastic site. I know it has nothing to do with te site or DJ Shelf but I lked it better before.

  6. did not work for me…sigh

  7. if someone wants to share it, please email me

    • I just tested the link in two browsers. Got a temporary error in Chrome. Thought it would work in Firefox, but it errored out there, too. I think there’s something fishy with just that file – sorry, Terry.

  8. You know what – this post was a problem before, and the re-post is also having issues, so I have removed the link. I don’t want Jack Dangers coming round to rough me up.

  9. awwwww — is there any way to get this one — new to the blog — like what i’ve seen so far — thanks marco

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