I Can See Clearly

Happy birthday to Deborah Harry, who turns 70 today!


01 I Can See Clearly
02 I Can See Clearly (D:reamix)
03 I Can See Clearly (Deep South Mix)

INFO > Arthur Baker produced “I Can See Clearly”, the lead track on Deborah Harry’s 1993 LP, “Debravation”, as well as the album’s first single. This EU CD includes remixes from D:ream and Murk.

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  1. I had the US Maxi of this. I sold it on eBay and miss the Blonde Rave mix. Going by memory (actually playing the song/mix in my head), it’s likely a dated mix today. The thing is, I never gave any of the other mixes a chance. So, thanks for this, Shelf! Hopefully there’s something in here I will enjoy.

  2. Totally thought the record company (…or perhaps Harry herself?) missed the boat on single selections with Debravation. “Lip Service” and “Stability” were begging to be freed from LP track oblivion. “I Can See Clearly” was a forgettable choice–no hook, no verve, no inspired remixes. No one learned their lesson from passing over “Get Your Way” as the lead single from Def, Dumb & Blonde as that album’s lead single, I guess. “I Want That Man” suggested that an otherwise terrific album was kind of a snooze. Hindsight…Harry’s solo career packs some ace quality, but too many poor choices kept it from reaching the broad audience it deserved.

  3. erm… regarding the above comment, I largely disagree. “Debravation” is a poor LP,period. If it had been a debut recording I doubt Harry would have secured a record deal (but then you can say that about the last 3 Blondie LPs too). The D:Ream mix of “I Can See Clearly” always went down a storm in the UK clubs at the time. By D:Ream standards it’s a really good mix. I agree “Get Your Way” is OK I suppose but almost every song on that LP was better than the utterly awful “I Want That Man”. Considering the UK charts were full of Tranvision Vamp, The Primitives etc at the time, perhaps the very popular “Bike Boy” might have been a decent choice?
    How can a band / artist make such a wonderful, vital selection of music as Blondie and/or Debbie Harry did between “Blondie” and “Koo Koo” and then spend 35 years barely able to scrape together a decent song?

  4. IMO….I thought this was a great song, however, I never thought the remix package was “Club Ready” . The rest of the album was sub-par at best.

  5. offline. Please re-up! thx

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