Eyes On A Summer Day


01 Eyes On A Summer Day (Shorter Version)
02 Eyes On A Summer Day (Acorn Arts Dub)
03 Eyes On A Summer Day (Longer Version)
04 Eyes On A Summer Day (Gat Decor Mix)
05 Eyes On A Summer Day (Taste It Mix)
06 Eyes On A Summer Day (Acorn Arts Vocal)

INFO > “Eyes On A Summer Day” was the second of only two singles issued by The Good Strawberries, a brief project that the participating band members likely leave off their resumes. The Dutch release includes prog house remixes from Acorn Arts and Gat Decor; additional reworks from Gary Hughes and Blag feature on the two UK CD singles. After The Good Strawberries parted ways, Rick Simmonds teamed up with Stephen Jones to produce trance records under various guises.

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  1. Million thimes thank you for this my friend
    My big friend from Miami is been also very happy to see your post .Looking for this cd 20 years nowhere to find i have original 2 x 12 vinyl rip with covers (on discogs no see it covers for that) in perfect condition no scrach (flac 256 mb) buyit on store and ripped.

  2. here’s the Blag Vocal Mix (7:03): http://ul.to/dsv0gv7j

    • Thanks Robin! For those who may not know, Blag was a production alias of Spencer Williams (Well Hung Parliament) and Richard Dekkard. However, the name Blag was later used by Bruce Aisher and Luke Brancaccio. The listing on Discogs are not properly recorded – I’m in the process of correcting them.

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