01 Cold (LP Edit)
02 Cold (Mark!’s Adventurous Mix Edit)
03 Cold (Ralphi’s Club Mix)
04 Blue (LP Mix)

INFO > “Cold” was the third single lifted from William LaTour’s eponymous debut LP. Mark Picchiotti and Ralphi Rosario were on remix duty for the 1992 release.

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  1. Hey Shelf! It’s me again. I have to say one more time your site is amazing. And I also wanted to ask you if you know if there’s a cd single for Westworld’s Sonic Boom Boy or if there’s a digital copy of the song’s extended mix?

  2. another great post my man, thank you!…cheers bro!

  3. thanks for your answer, man, I guess I should be happy to own the 12″ single then. ;)

  4. thank you, I had this cd single back in the day and a buddy stole it from my collection and never returned it, LOL

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