All I Wanna Do


01 All I Wanna Do (Radio Version)
02 All I Wanna Do (12″ Extended Mix)
03 All I Wanna Do (Trouser Enthusiasts Toys Of Desperation Mix)
04 All I Wanna Do (Xenomania Dream House Mix)
05 All I Wanna Do (D-Bop Innocent Girl Mix)
06 All I Wanna Do (Qattara Mix)
07 All I Wanna Do (Trouser Enthusiasts Ultra Sensitive Dub)
08 All I Wanna Do (Dizzy Mix)
09 All I Wanna Do (Sharp ‘System’ Dub)

INFO > 1997’s “All I Wanna Do” was the first single issued from Dannii Minogue’s third album, “Girl.” Written and produced by Xenomania, the song marked a stylistic shift for Dannii toward club music, further emphasized by the single’s remix package.

And now for a bit of fun:

Posted on June 7, 2015, in Dannii Minogue, Qattara, Sharp Boys, Trouser Enthusiasts. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. So, Shelf, I would like to hand in a formal complaint. I voted for Kylie, didn’t have the best impression of the other one. And then I started watching this video, tried to vote again, but …daddy wouldn’t accept it. I don’t think that’s fair, everyone deserves a second chance… Oh, I’m so easy to motivate… :D

    • Ha ha! Sorry about that – I’m pretty sure that the default setting on these polls is to only allow one vote per visitor. Although you can probably circumvent it by voting through another browser.

  2. yep, Dannii is definitely HOT !

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