Have In Mind


01 Have In Mind (Kalimba Mix)
02 China Girl (G.T.O. Mix)
03 Quiero Verte!
04 Have In Mind (Extended Mix)
05 China Girl (Dino Mix)
06 Have In Mind (Single Version)

INFO > Not merely a catchy pop tune, Cetu Javu’s “Have In Mind” serves as an ecological advisory: questioning the damage that we have inflicted upon our planet; and cautioning against weakness and apathy, which ultimately lead to environmental tragedy. This 1988 German CD single includes three mixes of “Have In Mind” and exclusive B-sides.

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  1. Played this out allll the time. Love this song, thank you!!!!!

  2. Thank you!!! I Really love this song



  4. Super djshelf i never hear this song thank you
    Do you remember for ecology agreement from Kyoto USA China and many others followers dont respect that.(Serbia also)
    You absolutely have right in your comment about ecology question.

    • Yes, despite the treaty’s good intentions, the Kyoto Protocol has been less than successful. And without the participation of China, India, Canada, and the United States (some of the planet’s biggest perpetrators of global warming), the treaty seems doomed to fail.

  5. Fried Pickle

    China Girl (Dino Mix)
    Love this mix
    Thank You Shelf

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