Stop Starting To Start Stopping E.P.

All hail Andrei for providing today’s posts!


01 Gusta
02 Dance To The House
03 Can You Feel It
04 How Do Y’All Feel

INFO > This 1996 EP was one of the final releases from Kevin Hurry & Kevin Swain in their guise as D.O.P. (Dance Only Productions). While more commercial than earlier material issued through Guerilla, the duo’s later style is equally enjoyable and eminently danceable.

HELP > Anyone have D.O.P.’s “Manifest Your Love” CD single?

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  1. Thanks for this, always loved this EP. Don’t suppose you have this Hi-Life release as well?

    • I posted that single on my other blog, THE BANK, a couple of years ago. I may re-post on this blog at some point, but add a request in the share section – I’m sure someone will have it.

  2. спасибa Andrei do you hear for my great friend Aleksej Shumov
    (Alex Noyz) or Olga Katenotstkaja from Sankt Petersburg
    Also thank you djshelf for this first time have chance to prelisten this EP


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