Obsession (1998)


01 Obsession (StoneBridge ’98 Recon Radio)
02 Obsession (StoneBridge ’98 Recon)
03 Obsession (Danny Howells & Shango Illogical Infactuation Mix)
04 Obsession (The Throbjam Mix)

INFO > David Farrow & William Owen’s lone single as Fuzzy Logic was “Obsession”, released through Guerilla Records in 1992. The track was dusted off by the Jackpot label in 1998, and remixed by Sten Hallström and Danny Howells & Shango (Robin Green & Mark Durham). The Scandinavian CD includes William Orbit’s ‘Throbjam Mix.’

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  1. Fried Pickle

    Obsession (The Throbjam Mix)
    I have always loved this mix. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Do you remember my post of Jackpot 12 Vinyl single
    with Obsession (Stonebridge Guerilla Trax)
    thank you dj shelf

  3. Excellent Blast from the Past, GR8 Memories… Thanks

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