Could This Be Love?

Today’s post is kindly sponsored by Rob :-)


01 Could This Be Love? (Beatmasters 7″ Mix)
02 Could This Be Love? (Diss-Cuss Vocal Mix)
03 Could This Be Love? (D.O.P. Spookie Billy Ray Mix)
04 Could This Be Love? (Night Fever Mix)

INFO > I had never heard of Kerry Shaw before receiving this obscure single from Rob. Released in 1993, “Could This Be Love?” was Shaw’s debut release as a solo artist. Co-written with Band Of Gypsies’ Nigel Swanston and Tim Cox, the song includes the clever lyric, “You’re not essential but I think you’ve got potential,” which also aptly summed up Shaw’s career at that time. She would later join EMF guitarist Ian Dench and violist James Topham in the short-lived indie pop group Whistler. After that, Shaw issued a mini-album under the alias Real Emotional Girl before pursuing other artistic endeavors.

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  1. Rob, thank you very much! Chris, you too))

  2. Would love to see the promo vinyl, with the extra Remixes by The Chameleon and Diss Cuss Dub mix.

    Thanks for the share though.

  3. Thanks for this, hadn’t heard it before. I only really remember Whistler for a lovely single called “If I Give You A Smile” which got played quite a bit on UK radio at the time.

  4. martymartymarty

    A really unusual surprise! Very nice, thank you. :-)

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