The Hit Factory: Pete Waterman’s Greatest Hits


1.01 Kylie Minogue – I Should Be So Lucky
1.02 Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up
1.03 Jason Donovan – Too Many Broken Hearts
1.04 Bananarama – Venus
1.05 Mel & Kim – Respectable
1.06 Brother Beyond – The Harder I Try
1.07 Princess – Say I’m Your Number One
1.08 Nik Kershaw – Wouldn’t It Be Good
1.09 Donna Summer – This Time I Know It’s For Real
1.10 Cliff Richard – I Just Don’t Have The Heart
1.11 Bananarama – I Want You Back
1.12 Musical Youth – Pass The Dutchie
1.13 John Travolta & Olivia Newton John – The Grease Megamix
1.14 Undercover – Baker Street
1.15 Opus III – It’s A Fine Day
1.16 2 Unlimited – No Limit
1.17 Tina Cousins – Pray
1.18 Samantha Fox – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now
1.19 Big Fun – Blame It On The Boogie
1.20 Steps, Tina Cousins, Cleopatra – Thank Abba For The Music
1.21 Stock, Aitken & Waterman – Roadblock

2.01 Steps – Tragedy
2.02 Kylie Minogue – Better The Devil You Know
2.03 Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Round [Like A Record]
2.04 Bananarama – Love In The First Degree
2.05 Rick Astley – Together Forever
2.06 Mel & Kim – Showing Out [Get Fresh At The Weekend]
2.07 Hazell Dean – Whatever I Do [Wherever I Go]
2.08 The Jackson 5 – I Want You Back (’88 Remix)
2.09 Sonia – You’ll Never Stop Me From Loving You
2.10 Undercover – Never Let Her Slip Away
2.11 Nik Kershaw – I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me
2.12 Kylie Minogue & Keith Washington – If You Were With Me Now
2.13 Jason Donovan – Every Day [I Love You More]
2.14 Steps – One For Sorrow
2.15 Stephen Gately – Chiquititta
2.16 Jason Donovan – Sealed With A Kiss
2.17 Westlife – Seasons In The Sun
2.18 Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan – Especially For You

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  1. This is fantastic! Thank you so much! Perfect music for getting out and walking around in the new Springtime weather!

  2. excellent compilation ! thx so much for this classic post

  3. I did not know Waterman had anything to do with Opus III and Musical Youth … also surprised to see they didn’t include Dead Or Alive – Spin Me Round …

    Great share … thank you

    • “You Spin Me Round” is the third track on CD 2. And yes, there are several questionable tracks on this collection:

      “Pass The Dutchie” was remixed by Pete Hammond, a producer for Pete Waterman’s empire; however, PWL wasn’t yet a company in 1982, so this shouldn’t be here. And the version here isn’t that remix – it’s the original single.

      Nik Kershaw’s “I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” was remixed by Phil Harding; however, as with the above, this was prior to the formation of PWL. And that remix isn’t featured here.

      I can find no connection between Waterman/PWL and Kershaw’s “Wouldn’t It Be Good.”

      “It’s A Fine Day”, “No Limit”, and the two Undercover tracks were released through Waterman’s PWL labels, but he did not produce nor remix any of those singles.

      “Thank Abba For The Music” was recorded at PWL Studios and produced by Pete Waterman’s late son, Paul.

      Likewise, the Steps and Tina Cousins singles and Westlife album track were produced by Paul Waterman, not his father.

      No clue if Pete Waterman had anything to do with Stephen Gately’s dreadful cover of “Chiquititta”, which has no business being on this compilation.

  4. PWL marked one decade with his specific sound and made lot of big comercial hits in the world .On that way house music easy find way to listeners .This music never died everyone in the world know just one singer ,many of him know every.This is has been great time not like today.Thank you DJ Shelf this music from young days.

    • Quite right, Nedzad – while it was easy to dismiss much of this ‘Hit Factory’ music as bubblegum pop, it is so much better than the conveyor belt of rubbish produced today.

  5. Thank you very much!!!

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