01 Kites
02 Kites (Extended Mix)
03 Fly (Extended Mix)
04 Fly
05 Kites (Fantasy Flite Part One)*

*Bonus track

INFO > One of the more rewarding aspects of maintaining this blog is learning the stories behind the music. Composed by American songwriters Hal Hackady and Lee Pockriss, “Kites” was a UK Top 10 hit in 1967 for Simon Dupree And The Big Sound, comprised of Scottish brothers Phil, Derek, and Ray Shulman.

Interestingly, the brothers Shulman resented the song’s success, as it was not representative of their true sound. Pressured by both their label and management for more chart hits, the Shulmans abandoned The Big Sound in 1969 and reformed the following year as Gentle Giant, a prog rock project that pushed musical boundaries throughout the 1970s.

Brendan Beal, Mark McGuire, and Maria Nayler covered “Kites” for their 1990 debut as Ultraviolet. Flipside “Fly” is an instrumental version, and the ‘Fantasy Flite Part One’ remix is featured on Sasha & John Digweed’s “Northern Exposure” mix collection.

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  1. One Dove also did a cover of this for their unreleased second album…

  2. Thank you so much djshelf finaly i have that cd from you
    amazing song

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