Don’t You [Forget About Me]

Very special thanks to Marko for sharing this rare promo.


01 Don’t You [Forget About Me] (Radio Edit)
02 Don’t You [Forget About Me] (KJ Club Mix Radio Edit)
03 Don’t You [Forget About Me] (KJ Harmonix Radio Mix)
04 Don’t You [Forget About Me] (KJ Club Mix)

INFO > Producer Keith Forsey and guitarist Steve Schiff wrote “Don’t You [Forget About Me]” for the soundtrack to director John Hughes’ 1985 film, “The Breakfast Club.” Stories vary as to how many and which artists were offered—and rejected—the opportunity to perform the song, but rumored among them were Bryan Ferry and Billy Idol. While Simple Minds would ultimately record “Don’t You [Forget About Me]”, they too passed on the tune initially. The single went on to be a huge international hit, and elevated Simple Minds to dizzying heights of fame, marking a turning point in the band’s career that changed their musical direction, and arguably compromised their credibility.

In a recent piece for Spin, Slow Change May Pull Us Apart: The Oral History of Simple Minds’ “Don’t You [Forget About Me]”, Andrew Unterberger chronicle’s the song’s history through interviews with key players associated with its production. An intriguing revelation included amid the online article’s multimedia material is Forsey & Schiff’s original demo recording. Although Forsey claims that Billy Idol was not approached for the project, its hard to imagine that the peroxide punker wouldn’t have been considered, given Forsey’s prominent association with Idol. Even listening to the Simple Minds single, it sounds like the song was written specifically for Idol.

Sixteen years later, Billy Idol would finally claim the composition that (in my humble opinion) was rightfully his, recording “Don’t You [Forget About Me]” with Keith Forsey for a 2001 greatest hits collection. All of the versions on this promo single are exclusive to the release.

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  1. WOW!!! This is actually amazing. I’m a huge fan of Billy Idol and thought I had EVERYTHING! But I was wrong. Thank you so much!!!!

    Does anyone know if he ever released a studio version of Van Halen’s “Jump” … saw him perform it live a few times.

  2. Thank you Marko and dj shelf finaly i have chance to hear this version of big hit of Simple Minds this is first time

  3. Thank you djshelf to remove that stupididy f…
    i cant do that

  4. Awesome. I have the G.H. that it’s from. Never knew of the mixes!

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