People Are Still Having Sex (US Promo)


01 People Are Still Having Sex (Radio Edit)
02 People Are Still Having Sex (LP Mix)
03 People Are Still Having Sex (Mark’s Missionary Mix)
04 People Are Still Having Sex (Crunch-Ø-Mix)
05 People Are Still Having Sex (Mo’ Sleezy Mix)
06 People Are Still Having Sex (Ralphi’s Orgasmic Mix)

INFO > William ‘Bud’ LaTour began his professional career as an on-air personality, working at various radio stations in Arizona during the early-to-mid 1980s. That environment fostered his talents for performing voice-overs and writing song parodies, much in the same vein as ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic.

LaTour relocated to Chicago in 1987 and continued climbing the ranks in radio, while also finding time to start a punk band, The Squids, and work as an engineer in a recording studio. Producing tracks with ‘Housemaster’ Terry Baldwin piqued Bud’s interest in dance music and inspired his next endeavor: solo artist.

LaTour’s debut, “People Are Still Having Sex”, was an unusual and controversial song in 1991, which no doubt helped it’s chart placement: the single cracked the US Top 40 and peaked at 15 in the UK. Concurrent with his mainstream success and underground following with The Squids, LaTour continued working in radio, which has always remained his true passion.

The promotional video features the Safe Sex 7″ mix, which changes the line “This AIDS thing’s not working,” to “This safe thing’s not working.”

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  1. Love this! Thanks so much! :-)

  2. I actually played this tune quite a bit in the 90s … and often followed it with “Everybody F**k Now” by Sissy Penis Factory, which was a pretty cool parody of C&C Music Factory’s song.

    Great stuff!

    thank you

  3. Thank you Dj shelf but i have one bad and sad news for you.
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  4. Hi djShelf,

    Would it be possible for you to upload Adam Freeland – We Want Your Soul?

    Thanks and have a great day !!! :)))

  5. Thank you!!!

    I love this! Now I used to love Blue as well – used to own it on vinyl, do you have that? I can’t find it anywhere!

    Again: many, MANY thanks!

  6. The Squids rule!! LaTour wrote practically all the songs with the Squids singer Joey Spatafora and I still love them all to this day.

  7. big fan of the squids and latour. never knew they were once considered an “underground” band as they are pretty mainstream now and one of the all time great punk bands but i got turned on to them late i guess when you consider they started out during the nineties.

  8. Well my 10 year old daughter used the Squids song Get Off My Cloud in her school play over the holidays, so I’m not really sure how under ground the Squids are these days. It’s nice hear them pop up mainstream as they have been and hope they put out another album

  9. The Squids have a #1 music video on Funny Or Die (Get Off My Cloud) and this video has been in FOD’s top 10 music video chart for at least a couple years now, putting this brilliant and influential creation of LaTours’s and legendary punk vocalist Joey Spatafora, deservingly into the pulse of the “mainstream” of popular music. They were there at the forefront of early 90’s “underground” and pioneers of the Chicago punk scene which some now classify as the “post punk” regime. LaTour wrote the music, Spatafora wrote the lyrics.

    The actual video for Get Off My Cloud was produced and released in 2013 in present day time although the actual song was a release from 1996, and was included on The Squids greatest hits CD “4 Floors Of Whores – The Squids Collection”, now an expensive collectors item.

    LaTour is credited with a writing credit for the song along with the rest of the band, he played keyboards and sang on the original recording, although he does not appear in the modern day video, which does feature Joey Spatafora and Squids bassist Emery Joe Yost who played on most of their later recordings.

  10. the Chicago Public Library system inducted The Squids cd “4 Floors Of Whores” into the system and available for check out quite a few years ago listing it as “essential chicago music.” quite an honor for an underground band. Latour’s solo cd’s are not available through the library as of yet

  11. Anyone remember the parody called People Are Still F..king by LaDick?

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