Sound Of The Absolute

Today’s post is sponsored by an absolute gentleman: Rob


1.01 Pleasure Box – Real Kiss (Well Hung Parliament Adventure)
1.02 Morgan King – I Am Free (Soma Mix)
1.03 First Life – Love Bomb (Forever Om Mix)
1.04 Soundsource – One High (Bump Mix)
1.05 Jerusalem – Jerusalem (King Solomon Dub)
1.06 Alhambra – Alhambra (Otama Mix)
1.07 Morgan King – I Am Free (Leftfield Dub Mix)
1.08 Marine Boy – Fluid (The Submariners Message Mix)

2.01 Obiman – Risin (Rosi Ryder Mix)
2.02 Ancient – Nostalgia
2.03 Marine Boy – Fluid (108 Grand Mad And Messy Mix)
2.04 Nightraiders – Shout At The Moon
2.05 Pump House Gang – Funky Emotion (Wax Factor Mix)
2.06 Pleasure Box – Real Kiss (Full Orgasm Mix)
2.07 Dep 5 – I Like It (Like To Panic Mix)
2.08 Om – Older Brother From The Rock

Posted on February 11, 2015, in VARIOUS ARTISTS. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Awesome, awesome post. Remember both Marine Boy & Obiman from Dave Dorrell & Oakie radio mixes from the early 90’s. I ran out & bought the Obiman 12′ the next day but couldn’t ID the Marine boy one until years later. This was when house (progressive or otherwise) hit it’s peak for me. Thanks!

  2. withinaconstantgroove

    been after this for yonks – got the vinyl and many of he 12″. morgan king and soundsource are the picks I think.

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