Top 10: Dance Tracks

Disco BallCall it Desert Island Disco. Compile your top 10 dance tracks of all time—the tunes you never tire of, from any genre and any era. In addition to hands-in-the-air anthems from your old clubbing days, you might also consider songs that evoke a memorable event, like a school dance, university party, concert, or wedding. Further adapting the Desert Island Disc format: next, pick your preferred beverage, and lastly, select the DJ with whom you’d most like to be stranded.

Shelf’s Desert Island Disco

01 Billy Idol & Generation X “Dancing With Myself” (Uptown Mix)
02 Dead Or Alive “You Spin Me Round” (Murder Mix)
03 New Order “Bizarre Love Triangle” (12″ Version)
04 Front 242 “Headhunter” (V 1.0)
05 Pet Shop Boys “Can You Forgive Her?” (Rollo Remix)
06 Leftfield Lydon “Open Up” (Full Vocal Mix)
07 Chris & James “Calm Down” (Original Club Mix)
08 The Chemical Brothers “Chemical Beats” (Original Mix)
09 Sandy B “Make The World Go Round” (Deep Dish Remix)
10 Paul van Dyk “For An Angel” (E-Werk Club Mix)

Cocktail: Stoli Vanil vodka and Seagram’s ginger ale

DJ: Paul Oakenfold

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  1. Okay, so in no particular order here goes…

    1. Janet Jackson – If (Brothers In Rhythm House / Dub Mix)
    2. Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Three ‘New One Remix)
    3. Rollo Goes Mystic – Love, Love, Love (Here I Come) (Big Mix)
    4. Rebirth – Evil Vibrations
    5. Loleatta Holloway – Love Sensation
    6. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim – Access
    7. Indica – Labia (Original Mix)
    8. Humanoid – Stakker (Snowman Mix)
    9. Madonna – Vogue (12″ Mix)
    10. Transformer 2 – Just Can’t Get Enough (Goodfello’s Mix)

    Drink? Bacardi, Vanilla Coke and plenty of crushed lime please.

    The late, great Tony De Vit.

  2. Here’s mine…

    1. Alanis Morissette – Uninvited (Brothers In Rhythm Guestlist Mix)
    2. Breeder – The Chain (Babelicious Mix)
    3. Maria Naylor – Angry Skies (Terrestial Vox)
    4. Mory Kante – Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Mix)
    5. Sasha and Maria – Be As One (Original Mix)
    6. Trisco – Musak (Wonderland Ave Mix)
    7. Corona – Rhythm Of The Night (Lee Marrow Mix)
    8. Thrillseekers – Synaesthesia (En Motion Mix)
    9. Lucid – Can’t Help Myself (Original Mix)
    10. Nalin and Kane – Beachball (Original Mix)

    Drink – Red Bull

    DJ – Dave Seaman

  3. Ok, in no particular order, original mixes if not stated…….

    1. Electronic – Getting Away With It (Extended Mix)
    2. Epsylon 9 – Life Formation
    3. Passion Flower – In Soul Motion
    4. Rejuvination – I.B.O.
    5. BT with Vincent Covello – Loving You More (BT’s Primordial Sound 12″ Vocal)
    6. Isha-D – Stay (Tonight) (Underground Mix)
    7. Expose – Tell Me Why (12″ Remix)
    8. Last Rhythm – Last Rhythm (Vocal Battle Mix)
    9. Hysterix – Talk To Me (Sasha’s Full Music Master)
    10. Void – Orcana (Seductive Mix)

    Drink – Morgan Spiced, Diet Coke, Fresh Lime

    DJ – Sasha

  4. 1. New Order – Blue Monday
    2. Jamie Principle – Your Love
    3. Rhythm Is Rhythim – Strings Of Life
    4. 808 State – Pacific 202
    5. N-Joi – Anthem (The Original Mix)
    6. The Beloved – The Sun Rising
    7. BBG – Snappiness (Sweet Instrumental)
    8. Sterling Void – It’s All Right (House Mix)
    9. The Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea
    10. Leftfield – Song Of Life

    Drink: Water. I’m a non-drinker and it will keep me dancing for longer!

    DJ: Grandmaster Flash

  5. Probably not final and in no particular order..

    01. Charles B-Lack Of Love (Club Mix)
    02. Frankie Knuckles-Your Love (Original Mix)
    03. New Order-Blue Monday (Original Mix)
    04. Rosso Barocco-Never Gonna Give You Up (Original Mix)
    05. Ralph Falcon-Every Now And Then (Vocal Mix)
    06. The Age Of Love-The Age Of Love (Watch Out For Stella Club Mix)
    07. SSR-To Be House (Original Mix)
    08. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim-Access (KY Jelly Babies Remix)
    09. Leftfield-Song Of Life (Lemon Interrupt Mix)
    10. Pierre’s Pfantasy Club-Got The Bug (Extended Version)
    08. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim-Access (KY Jelly Babies Remix)

  6. Probably not final and in no particular order..

    01. Charles B-Lack Of Love (Club Mix)
    02. Frankie Knuckles-Your Love (Original Mix)
    03. New Order-Blue Monday (Original Mix)
    04. Rosso Barocco-Never Gonna Give You Up (Original Mix)
    05. Ralph Falcon-Every Now And Then (Vocal Mix)
    06. The Age Of Love-The Age Of Love (Watch Out For Stella Club Mix)
    07. SSR-To Be House (Original Mix)
    08. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim-Access (KY Jelly Babies Remix)
    09. Leftfield-Song Of Life (Lemon Interrupt Mix)
    10. Pierre’s Pfantasy Club-Got The Bug (Extended Version)

  7. Being a wordy sort, I felt compelled to provide a bit of a commentary. I really think we should make this a top 50 as I would love to hear some of the less obvious material that other contributors love.

    01. Solar Plexus – Solar Plexus
    OK so I’ve deliberately restricted myself to one pick from my favourite mix CD of all time – Renaissance the Mix collection. If the Song of Life mixes or Fluke / Funk Machine mashups counted as a single choice they may have got the nod but this track has everything that I love about progressive house. Grace’s Not Over Yet was a close second but I’ve just played it far too many times!

    02. Grace Jones – Slave to the Rhythm
    Trevor Horn at the controls for an absolutely sublime production.

    03.Hybrid – Break my soul
    Phenomenal breakbeat / orchestral / digital sound mangling pioneers. Met them once after driving 200 miles to a tiny venue in Bristol to see them live (they’d just come back from supporting Moby on a stadium tour in the US) and they were JUST SO NICE Hit 163mph at 2:00 am on the way home (which was a bit silly) to their tunes. This is a more recent favourite. Their take on Enjoy The Silence is the only cover that is worthy too IMHO (except perhaps the Tekara mix of Mike Koglin’s The Silence).

    04.BT – Sasha’s Voyage of Ima (or if that’s cheating BT – Divinity)
    There is little doubt in my mind that BT is a musical genius and having bought a couple of his early singles, Ima blew me away. As did Sasha’s 42 minute mix. And if that’s too long, Divinity is still a thing of wonder.

    05. Depeche Mode – World in my Eyes (Mode to Joy).
    An ardent Depeche Mode fan from their very early days, when I started getting into dance music this made the two worlds collide. The original is one of my favourite Mode tracks and the remix by Jon Marsh of The Beloved is a brilliant and highly original remix.

    06. The Orb – A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre of The Ultraworld: Live Mix Mk 10
    As a student I was lucky enough to have an older brother put me onto the Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld album and this track was the perfect ambient accompaniment to many a lazy, “herbal”, student summer afternoon.

    07. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim – Access.
    A monster of a tune that Pete Tong played as the final track in his weekly “hot mix” two weeks in a row. I can still hear his Tong-ness saying “Like a sledgehammer”. Apparently Misjah and Tim knocked it up in a couple of hours. I have vivid memories of hooning along at breakneck speeds in my trusty Peugeot 205 GTi to pick up chemical “supplies” for the weekend from a friend who lived about 30 miles away. This was the soundtrack to those drives.

    08. Blue Amazon – No Other Love
    After the first Renaissance the Mix collection album I eagerly awaited the second instalment and Digweed’s solo effort didn’t disappoint. It may sound a tad overblown / indulgent now but back then this was one of many highlights from the album.

    09. David Sylvian – Steel Cathedrals
    A massive David Sylvian fan since his days fronting my first favourite band – Japan – I eagerly anticipated all of his early productions. A very close friend of mine had the Steel Cathedrals video on VHS and after a big night out we would spend many an early morning, eyes glazed by the imagery on the video and the hypnotic percussive beat, punctuated by the improvisations of Kenny Wheeler’s Flugel horn; Sakamoto’s piano; Fripp’s guitar and the spoken voice of Jean Cocteau. For many it will be pretentious twaddle but I never tire of it. So this joins The Orb in the Sanders chillout room.

    10. Scuba – Hardbody
    Well I thought I should include a track that was released in the current decade and for me this represents a lot that is good with more modern dance music. It’s definitely greater than the sum of its parts and has that rare quality of conveying emotion which is a prerequisite for so much dance music that I like.

    DJ: A young DJ Rap for her “company” ;-) Digweed spinning the tunes.

    Drink: Fiery ginger beer as I gave up drinking a few years ago.

  8. SANDERR2: Oh man, DJ Rap, that’s obviously what i should have said too. Dating a female DJ is basically the holy grail for me AND she plays drum & bass. Nice pick man, kudos.

    Totally agree with the top 50 idea too, although god knows how long it would take all of us to compile that (if we’re being really honest & thorough). Thought the same thing about my 10, somewhat predictable in terms of classic dance music but they are absolutely the 10 tunes i love & play the most. If other users are willing to put the effort in, i’d be happy to work on my Top 50 also….?

  9. TOP 50…

    Right here goes….deep breath…
    In order…

    50. Annie Lennox – Little Bird (Utah Saints Remix)
    49. Ce Ce Peniston – We Got A Love Thang  (Silky House Thang)
    48. Five Star – Another Weekend (Friday Night Mix)
    47. Chad Jackson – Hear The Drummer (Get Wicked)
    46. Depeche Mode – World In My Eyes (Oil Tank Mix)
    45. Michelle Gayle – Do You Know (Full Intention Club Mix)
    44. Whitney Houston – It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay (Club 69 Club Mix)
    43. MARRS -Pump Up The Volume (Original UK Mix W / ‘Roadblock’ Sample)
    42. Way Out West – Ajare
    41. Vanessa Williams – The Right Stuff (Norman Cook Remix)
    40. The Human League – Filling Up With Heaven (Hardfloor Remix)
    39. Rising High Collective – Fever Called Love ( Hardfloor Remix)
    38. Sphinx – What Hope Have I (Big Mix)
    37. The Source – Clouds (Jon The Dentist Vocal)
    36. Soul II Soul – Back To Life (Club Mix)
    35. Size 9 – I’m Ready (Remix)
    34. S.O.S. Band – Just Be Good To Me
    33. Rollo Goes Mystic – Love, Love, Love (Here I Come) (Big Mix)
    32. Powers That Be Vs. Warren Clarke – Planet Rock (Warren Clarke Remix)
    31. Age Of Chance – Higher Than Heaven (Righteous Club Mix)
    30. Neneh Cherry – I’ve Got You Under My Skin (In Deep Mix)
    29. Pour Homme – Born This Way
    28. Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Murder Mix)
    27. Pet Shop Boys – Liberation (E-Smoove Remix)
    26. OT Quartet – Hold That Sucker Down (Builds Like A Skyscraper)
    25. Nush – U Girls (JX Remix)
    24. Alyson Williams – Sleep Talk
    23. Neneh Cherry – Kisses On The Wind (For All You Serious Clubbers Out There With Love From The Dynamic Duo)
    22. Natural Born Grooves – Forerunner (Experts Remix)
    21. Indica – Labia  (Original Mix)
    20. Mrs. Wood – Whodunnit? (Hardbag Mix)
    19. Clean Bandit Featuring Jess Glynne – Rather Be
    18. Billie Ray Martin – Your Loving Arms (Diss-Cuss Vocal Mix)
    17. Janet Jackson – Love Will Never Do (Without You) (Roger Sanchez Vocal Club Mix)
    16. Artemisia – Bits & Pieces (Original Mix)
    15. Madonna – Get Together (Album Version)
    14. Rebirth – Evil Vibrations
    13. Loleatta Holloway – Love Sensation
    12. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim – Access
    11. Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Three ‘N One Remix)
    10. Madonna – Vogue (12″ Version)
    09. K-Klass – What You’re Missing (Universal ’94 Mix)
    08. Mel & Kim – Respectable (Club Mix)
    07. Age Of Chance – Kiss (Kisspower Mix) / Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Noise? (Let There Be… Sonic War Sculpture)
    06. Mantronix Featuring Wondress – Got To Have Your Love (Club / Dub)
    05. Janet Jackson – If (Brothers In Rhythm House / Dub Mix)
    05. The Source Featuring Candi Staton – You Got The Love (Now Voyager Mix)
    04. Gems For Jem – Lighting Me Higher (Original / Tall Paul Mix)
    03. Diana Brown & Barrie K. Sharpe – The Masterplan
    02. David Guetta Featuring Chris Willis – Just A Little More Love (Wally Lopez Remix)
    01. Yaz(oo) – Don’t Go (Original / Tee’s  Freeze Mix) / Situation (Aggressive Mix)

    In order and updated… might go for the 100 next time…

  10. Drink still the same

    DJ. Anyone whof was ever a resident at Trade (Turn mills, London), Andre Debono (Club X, Cardiff, UK) or any bear DJ. Just for company of course.

  11. Oh,and I haven’t forgotten about posting Rush Hour 2 and 3. Will post on my blog soon. Feel free to upload to yours. 😊

  12. djShelf,
    Big fan of your site, but I had to do 20.
    I thought…10 tracks on an island…what?!

    01. MAW feat. India – I Can’t Get No Sleep (LP Version)
    02. Quartzlock – No Regrets (Muscular Mix)
    03. Pet Shop Boys – Domino Dancing (LP Version)
    04. Kym Sims – Too Blind To See It (Hurley’s House Mix)
    05. Bass Bumpers – The Music’s Got Me (Charismatic Mix)
    06. Jody Watley – I’m The One You Need (Extended Club Mix)
    07. Donna Summer – Dinner With Gershwin (Extended Version)
    08. New Order – Round And Round (Club Mix)
    09. D:Ream – U R The Best Thing (Sasha Full Edit)
    10. Hugh K. – Shine On (The Mellow Mix)
    11. Ké – Strange World (Junior’s Sound Factory Mix)
    12. X-Press 2 – Say What (London Underground Mix)
    13. Ceejay – A Little Love (What’s Going On) (Club Mix)
    14. Donell Rush – Symphony (Symphony In E Smoove)
    15. Made By Monkeys – I Try (Attention Deficit Remix)
    16. Margo – Habit (Tracy Young Club Mix)
    17. Amber – This Is Your Night (Junior Vasquez Sunday Night Bump Extended Mix)
    18. Chicane feat. Mason – Strong In Love (Original Version)
    19. Clubland Feat. Zemya Hamilton – Come Rain, Come Shine (12″ Mix)
    20. Debbie Pender – Movin’ On (Paramour Main Mix)

    Drink: Diet Mountain Dew

    DJ: It would’ve been the late Peter Rauhofer, but since my favorite club in my
    20’s (aside from Limelight & Club USA), was Arena, It’ll have to be
    Junior Vasquez.
    That final night/morning at Arena, was incomparable.

  13. Asteroid327 Top 50:
    01 New Order “Bizarre Love Triangle” (Shep Pettibone 12″ Version)
    02 Pet Shop Boys “Always on My Mind/In My House”
    03 Depeche Mode “Enjoy the Silence” (Hands and Feet Mix)
    04 Alphaville “Forever Young” (Hamel Album Mix)
    05 Erasure “Oh L’amour” (Matt Darey Mix)
    06 Apoptygma Berzerk “Kathy’s Song” (Ferry Corsten RMX Edit)
    07 New Order “Run2” (Extended Version)
    08 Mansun “I Can Only Disappoint You” (Perfecto Club Mix)
    09 VNV Nation “Gratitude”
    10 VNV Nation “Nova”
    11 New Order “Touched by the Hand of God” (Biff and Memphis Remix)
    12 Pet Shop Boys “Here” (Pet Shop Boys New Extended Mix)
    13 U2 “New York” (KLF Nasty Mix)
    14 Michael Jackson “Speed Demon” (Remix by Nero)
    15 Moby “Porcelain” (Clubbed to Death Mix)
    16 Depeche Mode “Only When I Lose Myself” (Gus Gus Short Play Mix)
    17 Underground Lovers “I Was Right” (Extended Remix)
    18 Way Out West “The Fall”
    19 The Killers “Mr Brightside” (Lindbergh Palace Radio Mix)
    20 VNV Nation “Beloved”
    21 Blur “Entertain Me” (The Live It! Remix)
    22 Saint Etienne “Lose That Girl” (Trouser Enthusiast Mix)
    23 New Order “1963 ‘95” (Arthur Baker Remix)
    24 Saint Etienne “He’s on the Phone” (Motiv8 Mix)
    25 Dead Or Alive “Lover Come Back to Me” (2003 Remix)
    26 Pet Shop Boys “Yesterday When I Was Mad” (Jam and Spoon Mix)
    27 Book of Love “Boy” (DJ Irene Rockstar Mix)
    28 Pet Shop Boys “KDX125”
    29 Saint Etienne “Sylvie” (Trouser Enthusiast Tintinnabulation Edit)
    30 Delerium Feat. Sarah MacLachlan “Silence” (DJ Tiesto’s In Search of Sunrise Remix)
    31 Sting Feat. Cheb Mami “Desert Rose” (Melodic Club Mix Edit)
    32 Madonna “What It Feels Like For a Girl” (Above and Beyond Club Mix)
    33 Pet Shop Boys “Young Offender” (Jam and Spoon Trip-O-Matic Fairy Tale Mix)
    34 Blur “Girls and Boys” (PSB 12” Mix)
    35 System F “Out of the Blue”
    36 Depeche Mode “I Feel Loved” (Danny Tenaglia’s Labour of Love Mix)
    37 Saint Etienne/Paul Van Dyke “Tell Me Why (The Riddle)”
    38 Erasure “Am I Right?” (Grid Mix)
    39 Sarah MacLachlan “World on Fire” (Junkie XL Club Mix/ GM Edit)
    40 The Age Of Love “The Age Of Love” (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella Mix)
    41 New Order “Round and Round” (Club Mix)
    42 Yello Vs Hardfloor “Vicious Games” (Radio Edit)
    43 Depeche Mode “World in my Eyes” (Safar Mix)
    44 U2 “Beautiful Day” (Quincey and Sonance Radio Edit)
    45 Peter Gabriel “Games Without Frontiers” (Massive Attack/DB Mix)
    46 Icehouse “Icehouse” (Remix by Peewee Ferris & John Ferris)
    47 Electronic “Getting Away With It” (DNA Groove Mix)
    48 Energy 52 “Cafe Del Mar”
    49 Book of Love “Tubular Bells/Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls” (Medley Mix)
    50 Peach “From This Moment On” (Matt Darey Vocal Mix)

  14. Great site. I have enjoyed so much here!

    Here goes…top ten (no fifty!) desert island discs…in no order

    1. Lil Louis – French Kiss (The Original Underground Mix)
    2. JB3- Forklift (Luke Slater’s Filtered Remix)
    3. X-press 2 – Smoke Machine
    4. Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt
    5. Grace Jones – Pull Up To The Bumper (Larry Levan Garage Remix)
    6. The Amazing – Qu’ est-ce que vous voulez?
    7. The Modwheel – Moroccan Jack
    8. Swag – Version 1
    9. Mother – All Funked Up
    10. Dubtribe – Mother Earth
    11. Dutch Liquid – Scream
    12. Eagles Prey – Tonto’s Drum (Darren Emerson mix)
    13. Eddie C – You’re Welcome
    14. 6th Borough Project – Planets (The Revenge Lost Groove)
    15. 2 Frenchmen – Black Planet
    16. Aphrohead – In The Dark We Live
    17. Orbital – Chime (crime)
    18. Yellow Sox – Flim Flam (Smith & Selway mix)
    19. Fierce Ruling Diva – Rubb It In
    20. Song Of Life – Leftfield
    21. New Order – Everything’s Gone Green
    22. Kash – Tropical Sax
    23. Sheer Taft – Cascades
    24. Happy Mondays – Bob’s Yer Tune (grid remix)
    25. Jamie Anderson – Can’t Stop (Dave Angel Rework)
    26. Gino Soccio – Dancer
    27. Dave The Drummer – 9
    28. Sonz Of A Loop da Loop Era – Bust That Groove
    29. DJ Hype – Roll Da Beats
    30. Golden Girls – Kinetic (Orbital Remix)
    31. Dillinjah – The Angels Fell
    32. Datura – Yerba Del Diablo (The Zoom Remix)
    33. Trancesetters – Secrets Of Meditation (Remix)
    34. Tranquility Base – Cantamilla
    35. 7th Movement – Odyssey (Dub Star Discomix)
    36. Global Communication – The Way (Secret Ingredients Mix)
    37. St Germain – Deep In It
    38. Azymuth – Jazz Carnival (Space Jazz Mix)
    39. Adam F- Metropolis
    40. Insalar / Ricardo Villalobos – Kime Ne (Villalobos Mix 1)
    41. Stone Roses – Waterfall (Oakenfold mix)
    42. Wiiliam Orbit – Water From A Vine Leaf (Xylem Flow Mix)
    43. Vakula – Saturday
    44. Cottam – EP 4
    45. The Beloved – The Sun Rising
    46. Cricco Castelli – Life Is Changin’
    47. Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar
    48. Jaydee – Plastic Dreams (Long Version)
    49. Lil Louis & The World – I Called U (The Conversation)
    50. Moodymann – I Can’t Kick This Feelin’ When It Hits

    Fave bev – Gulden Draak tripel
    DJ – Carl Cox for smiles and tunes

  15. Love your site! Thanks for sharing such a great collection!

    I’m going with my top 20. This includes some very recent tracks that I know will always be in rotation on my playlist.

    1. Simple Minds – New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
    2. Underworld – Between Stars
    3. Front 242 – Headhunter v3.0
    4. a-ha – Minor Earth, Major Sky (Pumpin’ Dolls club mix)
    5. Underworld – Underneath the Radar (12″ mix)
    6. Depeche Mode – Get the Balance Right! (Combination mix)
    7. Killing Joke – Love Like Blood (Version)
    8. ABC – Be Near Me (Munich Disco mix)
    9. GusGus – Crossfade
    10. Japan – Life in Tokyo (12″ extended version)
    11. KMFDM – Naive
    12. Kraak & Smaak – My Synths Are the Bomb
    13. Leftfield & Lydon – Open Up
    14. Alphaville – Red Rose (12″ Remix)
    15. New Order – Blue Monday
    16. Pet Shop Boys – Absolutely Fabulous (Rollo Our Tribe Tongue-in-Cheek mix)
    17. Röyksopp – I Had This Thing
    18. Talk Talk – Talk Talk (Extended Version)
    19. Kajagoogoo – Space Cadet (Dance mix)
    20. Wolfsheim – Find You’re Here / Find You’re Gone

    Cocktail: Sidecar

    DJ: Razormaid!

  16. Thanks everyone – great selections all around! Interesting to see DJ Misjah & DJ Tim’s “Access” appear on several lists – need to give that one a fresh spin (been a while).

  17. Christopher Horner

    Very hard to pick a top ten when there’s been so much great dance music but here goes, in no particular order:-

    1. Hybrid – Finished Symphony: Great orchestral breakbeat track with the Russian Federal Orchestra no less.

    2. New Order – Blue Monday: Now over 30 years old but you could still play this in a club and it would sound relevant.

    3. Orbital – Halcyon & On & On: Awesome chilled dance track with wonderful Kirsty Hawkshaw vocals. Plus the live version with Bon Jovi and Belinda Carlisle which shouldn’t work does work.

    4. Chicane – Saltwater: Trance is my favourite style of dance music and this is a great track with lovely vocals from Marie Brennan from Clannad.

    5. Oceanlab – On A Good Day (Above & Beyond Club Mix): Somehow the lyrics on this speak to me and got me through the times when I was single and felt a little lonely.

    6. Blue Amazon – There’s No Other Love: A great progressive house track clocking in at over 12 minutes. The progressive house sound was the club sound of my formative years.

    7. Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls: The Pet Shop Boys for me are one of the best electronic pop bands of all time and they were the band who got me into electronic music.

    8. Everything But The Girl – Missing (Chris & James Remix): My favourite remix of all time from one of my favourite production teams. Blows the Todd Terry version out of the water.

    9. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force: The combination of European electronic music and black American music on this track paved the way for the house and techno revolution.

    10. Visionmasters Featuring Kylie Minogue: I’ve always had a love for piano driven house and this is a great example of such a track. This was also produced by Mike Stock and Pete Waterman from SAW fame, their contribution to the dance music scene in the UK is often overlooked.

  18. Christopher Horner

    Drink: Irn Bru, chosen because it’s my favourite drink andalcohol on a hot desert island isn’t a good idea. Plus it’ll give me my dancing energy.

    DJ: Tony De Vit, a greatly missed DJ.

  19. OH The GR8 Memories.. IconDj

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