Sous Le Soleil De Bodega (Remix)

Today’s post is a special request from our good friend, Nedzad, who has probably posted as much material on the ‘Share’ page as I have here on the main page! He is indeed a generous gentleman, and so many of us are thankful for the man that can find any music. Cheers Nedzad.


01 Sous Le Soleil De Bodega (Remix Radio Edit)
02 Sous Le Soleil De Bodega (Original Radio Version)
03 Sous Le Soleil De Bodega (Bodega Di Moko)
04 Sous Le Soleil De Bodega (La Tribal Bodega Dub)

INFO > Parisian band Les Negresses Vertes formed in 1987, comprised of a group of friends, some of whom had no prior musical training. The band’s evolving sound has embraced pop, rock, folk, world, and other styles, all underpinned by unique rhythms. The band’s 1992 single “Sous Le Soleil De Bodega” was remixed by Italian production team Kwanzaa Posse.

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  1. One month ago i tell you on email any chance to drop this on your help .This is amazing tribal bodega dub i looking for ages i never hear ilove Kwanzaa Posse and Les Negresses Vertes and his work.Zobi La Mouche also great with Sir William Orbit remix version (this cd also never published on net)
    Djshelf you are king best of the best milion thimes thank you for this premiere.

    • Not to pat myself on the back, but you actually emailed me this request only 10 days ago, I found an affordable copy the next day, and it was miraculously delivered from the UK in just over a week. You deserve a bit of special service, Nedzad – enjoy.

      Also, did you get the email I sent you yesterday?

      • Yes thanks for me this French staff is better of tons techno staffs from west . Sous Le Soleil De Bodega is spoiler of French Spanish Arabian and folkor music in Europe – international
        in this music every person is jump simply wonderfull full of light this guys is totaly crazy ilove him.Viva la France.
        If my friend from Paris Patrys read this or Ericdl from Miami(Florida) i send best wishes for him.
        Keep well Chris

  2. Yes, Thanks Nedzad for your contributions. What are we to do when this site closes its doors ? Hopefully Shelf can be talked into another 1000 posts. LOL

    Great Song by the way

  3. Fried Pickle dont worry in last 3 years im member on 4 biggest forums in the world on 4 continents(for music) i posted there thanks anyway

  4. You can find Remixes 87-93 remixes, compilations of their best mixes, including William Orbit’s one here on 320 or Flac :
    (not my links, not my rip)

    • BC2323 yes i have that long time ago but tribal dub mix can find for free anywhere this is first time (DjShelf posted and posted many cd singles only here nowhere else )
      .This is verry popular in France.Kwanzaa Posse is one of the first made realy tribal mixes (many others later use that to make tribal remixes)Like Dmitri singles his work is realy hard to find. Faca La Mer is also great song.

  5. Well, it used to be popular in France. the singer died from overdose shortly the release of the compilation in 1993. And the, the band slowly sunk. That reminds of my youth, used to buy all their records. I’m french. And BTW, thx a lot for the Neneh Cherry EP’s.

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