01 Passion (Naked Mix Edit) 04:22
02 Passion (Darren Emerson Edit) 03:28
03 Passion (Naked Mix) 07:43
04 Passion (Darren Emerson Mix) 14:08
05 Passion (Of Your Passion Edit) 03:51
06 Passion (Of Your Passion) 07:47

INFO > Simon Slater’s initial foray into production was “Feel So Good”, released under the alias Life in 1989. Three years would pass before Slater’s next effort: progressive house template “Passion”, issued as Gat Decor. The peculiar moniker is an anagram of Tag Records, a London music shop and label owned by Simon Hanson and Laurence Nelson, who were also the proprietors of Effective Records, through which “Passion” was released. In addition to its status as a club classic, the single is also notable for featuring Darren Emerson’s first remix.

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  1. Djshelf i dont believed right now i go on net first time this day .One hour ago i prelisten egzactly that cd .Thats is the best instrumental song ever maded with wonderfull piano theme.
    Classic of all classic only genius people can make that.

  2. AmbientDinosaur

    Shelf, the Darren Emerson Mix Edit is listed twice. Track 4 is the full mix.

    The Naked Mix is my favourite of the bunch. An absolute classic.

    • Oops. Thanks for pointing that out – quite sloppy of me. Actual files are properly named.

      • AmbientDinosaur

        No problem. It seems that there is something wrong with the Naked Mix. It ends abruptly, half a minute too early.

        • As I pride myself on the quality of material offered here, this is most embarrassing. I’ll be completely honest – I found that file on my backup hard drive and thought it would be good to post. Don’t know where it came from – someone sent it to me. I can’t imagine that the French CD single has a mastering error, so I’ve no idea what happened to that track. Anyway, I replaced it with the full ‘Naked Mix’ from another source and re-uploaded the file.

          Thanks again, AD.

  3. I agree AmbientDinosaur . The Naked Mix is my favorite as well.
    Thanks for this upload Shelf

    • Naked Mix is the one, for sure. The 1996 remixes (posted here a while back) are disappointing, however.

      • AmbientDinosaur

        The 1996 remixes feels like the track was handed to the wrong remixers.

        I would have loved if some of the big names of progressive house in ’96 (Blue Amazon, Bedrock etc.) were given a chance to remix the track back then.

        • Couldn’t agree more. The 96 mixes cheesed it up instead of keeping it classy. If either Blue Amazon or Digweed reworked the track at that time, it would have been massive.

  4. If anyone is interested:

    A mix of Passion from the Art Of Mix remix service

  5. Gat Decor- Passion(CD Maxi-Single France 1992 On The Beat- OTB 1064-2 )
    1_-_Gat_Decor_-_Passion_Naked_mix_edit 4 min 22sec
    2_-_Gat_Decor_-_Passion_D._Emerson_mix_edit 3 min 28
    3 – Gat Decor – Passion Naked mix 7 min 17 sec
    4 – Gat Decor – Passion D. Emersson mix 14 min 08 sec
    5_-_Gat_Decor_-_Passion_edit_of_Your_Passion 3 min 50 sec
    6 – Gat Decor – Passion of Your Passion 7 min 47 sec

    this i listen yesteday

  6. AmbientDinosaur (Thanks for the Post)
    Much appreciated.

  7. Worth it just for the Darren Emerson mix. Thx MOD!!!

  8. You sorted the Naked Mix already! What a service!! ;)

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