Today’s post comes courtesy of: Rob


01 Empirion – Narcotic Influence 1
02 Anna Crusis – XS
03 Anna Din – Angel (Dub)
04 Animation – I Wanna Be In Love (Valentine Mix)
05 Anna Nas – Part II
06 In Ovo – Kazoo
07 Empirion – Narcotic Influence 2
08 Anna Din – Vibe (Dub)
09 Analog Minds – Astral Projection
10 In Ovo – Ambi

INFO > Outside of their work in Sunscreem, Paul Carnell and Rob Fricker produced a series of singles under the aliases Anna Crusis, Anna Din, and Anna Nas. Some of those tracks are collected on “Pannarama”, along with releases from other artists.

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  1. Narcotic Influence 1 is a great track

  2. thank you Rob i first time hear that
    one sugestion DJ shelf
    Weekend Players – 2003 – Pursuit Of Happiness – Remixed Happiness i have rely hard to find
    do you need

  3. Thank you….

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