JBO Revisited Vol. 1


01 Black Science Orchestra – Save Us (Ashley Beedle’s Remix)
02 Black Science Orchestra – Save Us (MotorCitySoul Remix)
03 Black Science Orchestra – New Jersey Deep (2008 Edit)
04 Roach Motel – The Night (Marlon D’s Mena Keyz Mix)
05 Roach Motel – The Night (Marlon D’s After Hours NY Mix)
06 Roach Motel – The Night (Livio & Roby Romanian Dub)
07 Men With Sticks – 3rd Eye (Dixon’s Mash Up Edit)

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  1. Nice one shelf. I’ll definitely be giving this one a listen!

  2. Bump “I’m Rushing 1995 cd maxi in 320 never uploaded on net
    believe me i looking for this all time on net realy hard to find like Visions Stress Records(i know you search that)
    if i have luky i been first on net to upload original cd and 1995 mixes
    till now i have first two song from that cd ripped directly from original CD in FLAC
    Do you know Visage fade to gray on cd is 7 inch remix on vinyl
    12(talking of 1993 remixes) is 12 inch remix 1993.
    This vinyl my friend have it and ripped me directly in his own studio in WAW this issue no egzist for now on Discogs market

  3. Cheers Shelf, I would love to gtab any JBO stuff you post

  4. Nice one…thanks!

  5. The Ashley Beedle remix of ‘Save Us’ has to be one of the most underrated tracks he’s made. It is amazing and take the original idea on a completely different tangent.

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