Remind Me (US Promo)


01 Remind Me (Radio Edit)
02 Remind Me (Original Version)
03 Remind Me (Someone Else’s Radio Mix)
04 Remind Me (Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix)
05 Remind Me (Ernest St. Laurent’s Moonfish Mix)
06 Remind Me (James Zabiela’s Ingeborg Mix)

INFO > Norwegians Gaute Barlindhaug, Svein Berge, Torbjørn Brundtland, and Kolbjørn Lyslo formed Aedena Cycle in 1994 and released one EP through Apollo Records. The quartet split up after that release, although Barlindhaug later revived the band name as a solo project. In the mid-90s, Brundtland collaborated with other musicians under various aliases, including: Alanïa, Drum Island, and Those Norwegians. Brundtland and Svein Berge eventually reunited and formed Röyksopp in 1998. “Remind Me” is one of five singles featured on the duo’s 2001 debut album, “Melody A.M.”

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  1. Hi djShelf,. That WDMYCLOUD is the business. I would highly recommend it. I’m only a 1/5 of the way there in regards to the amount I had. It will save my a lot of time in the future. I’ve no idea what I need so I’ll just wander on as I did before and pick them up along the way. I’m interested in all things Irish. They seem to be the hardest to find. I’m glad I still had the A House promo you had up. Rare find. Oh and thanks for offering to help. Nice to see fellow bloggers offering.
    Iano1 at

  2. Thank you djshelf only you post extra quality
    this cd on net is only can find in 192 low quality
    this is reason why i respect MOD
    Please one question for you
    Robert Miles – Full Moon (DBX Records – DBX 058 CD CD, Maxi-Single Italy 1998) DARSHAN MIXES IS AMAZING
    if u dont have i send you
    still looking for
    bump – 1995 – i’m rushin’ ’95 CD MAXI

    • Thanks Nedzad. We stride to uphold exceptional and consistent quality control standards here at MOD :-)

      Haven’t got either of those singles – I’d think that the 1995 remixes of Bump “I’m Rushin'” would be easy to find.

  3. What the bloody hell??? Is it true that this came out 15 years ago!!! Middleton & Zabiela are the ones. Thx MOD!!!

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